Reblog: from

Reblog: from

Frankly, I often find articles that state views better than I could. Rather than try to put the thoughts out there “in my own words,” I’m just going to reblog them.

It’s a quicker, easier way to keep the post-a-day streak on track.

And by the way, a pet peeve of mine is commentators (usually sports guys) who misuse the phrases “on track and untracked.” On track is good. Untracked is bad.  Like a train.

So, for my post today, I came across’s “One Thing” post when I did a search for “Bible focus on one thing.”

Last night, I watched the season finale of “Knightfall” and the “extras” (short vids about the history of the Templars) available with it. This morning I got to thinking how, in another life, I might have been a historian – except for my inability to focus occupationally on just “one thing.”

reblogSo the first reblog is What’s the one thing the Bible says is important?
“Search the Bible for ‘one thing,’ and only 5 verses appear.”

Second, after poking around the site, I found Tim Farron’s resignation – Christians are now the heretics. The key phrase from this article that caught my attention is “As Christians, we need to learn to express our values and beliefs … with some humility, ‘more testimonial than dictatorial.'”

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Daily Prompt: Tend

Daily Prompt: Tend

Daily Prompt: Tend

img_3934Our grandson was with us last evening, and that got me to thinking about and praying for parents everywhere and of every age. Parents have a difficult and important job, raising the “blank slates” of children into good and well-functioning adults.

And the Daily Prompt, “tend,” and its many uses fits well into a post about parents.


I tend to be into getting into the origin of our words. These days, tend, tender, attend are some of our most prevalent terms. But, they have varying definitions.

The common denominator seems to be focused around stretching, or being stretched. The shared root word is from Latin, tendere, “stretch, hold forth (as in holding something out to someone).”

There are half a dozen established uses of “tend-words.”

  • Tend/Attend, verb, regularly or frequently behave in a particular way or being present at (something or somewhere)
  • Tend/Attend, verb, to care for or look after, give one’s attention to
    (Note: “attention’s” origin is also tendere)
  • Tender, adj, showing gentleness and concern or sympathy
    Tender, adj, being soft, sensitive, vulnerable, or requiring gentleness and careful handling  (This one is from Latin, tenere, but it also has to do with “stretch”
  • Tender, verb/noun, to make a formal offer or the offer itself
  • Tender, noun, someone or something who/which attends to someone or something

The “stretching out” idea is, I think, easy to see. If you tender a payment, for example, you’re offering cash in your hand, which you’re holding out to the payee.

IMG_3188“Caring for” is similar in that one is stretching out toward or paying attention to someone or something. Someone who does the caring is the noun of this version.

Regular attendance comes from the idea of such regularity being akin to “holding a course,” like in sailing.

There’s also the effect of something that’s being stretched out – it can be “stretched thin.” This gives us the adjective of weak, soft, vulnerable, and/or delicate, therefore needing to be treated gently, and the giving of such gentle care.

So, to sum it all up in one sentence, tell me if this is stretching it too far:

Parents, aka baby tenders, tend to tender tender tending to their tender young ones’ tender bumps and bruises.



A Double-Minded Post

A doubleminded man is unstable in all his ways.
-James 1:8 KJ21

pexels-photo-272254.jpegAnd that’s about as simple and straightforward as it can be put. I’m very familiar with James 1:8 – it’s kind of a theme verse for me. (My motto is, “Waiting for something to happen.”)

Thankfully, this week I still desire to write/blog (although, I had to make myself sit down and write this).

However, I’m still not sure exactly what I want to say.

pexels-photo-386009.jpegSo I googled “double-mindedness” and found all sorts of advice on how to overcome it.

“Want what God wants. Seek His ways in His Word. Confess your desire for two things that can’t coexist and put off the behavior that is keeping you from becoming more like Christ.”

Double-mindedness is caused by a division of the soul:

“This division is usually a result of trauma…molestation, abandonment, rejection, divorce, betrayal, or church hurt…”

I learned a couple of Greek words:

  • di-psychos – “wavering or divided interest” “two souls”
  • akatastatos – “unable to stand or unable to be set” “unstable”

Everyone is tempted by His own desires as they lure him away and trap him.
-James 1:14

pexels-photo-208494.jpeg“Spiritual Schizophrenia”
“Often we find ourselves immersed in behaviors we know are wrong, addictions, eating disorders, bad habits… other dysfunctions… cognitive dissonance… We develop physical and emotional symptoms of agitation, anxiety, panic, and depression.”

The disappointments of life always seem to be hovering around when I’m feeling the doubt:

“Sometimes who we wish we were, what we wish we could do, is just not meant to be.”
-Sina, Moana

“The answer to the question you have been asking yourself. Who are you meant to be?”
-Grandma, Moana

pexels-photo-697662.jpegI’ve always know double-mindedness; in procrastination, unrealistic delusions, rationalizations, perfectionism (leading to postponing action altogether), escapism, and keeping only my own counsel. These are the things that rob me of confidence and motivation. Trying to avoid them by idleness and over-leisureliness is obviously not the answer.

But God “justifies, sanctifies, and empowers” me to act on the choices that will bring me to His version of me – the most perfect me I can be. He is the one, after all, who created me.

Do I know what that is? What purpose He has for me?

I see that the evidence of the circumstances and events of my life suggests the best way to serve:

Who Am I?!IMG_4138
I am God’s man!
I am a survivor
Through Him,
Here to help
Others survive!
I am doing,
Not waiting,
and with Him,
I am making

In my heart, though, I struggle with wanting just the rewards – the popularity and financial bounty – enabling a lifestyle of comfort and ease (not doing/serving).

These are two of my things that can’t coexist.leather-sofa-recliner-sofa-furniture-lounge-suite-65941.jpeg

My Post-A-Day February challenge is having mixed results: 3 posts in 7 days…