Be From Berea

This morning, I was thinking about times when I try to feel great on purpose – like when I say to myself, “I’m not going to let this (negative event) get me down,” and I search for the memory of some good feeling. This train of thought led me to how we sometimes say we have “a flash of inspiration” when struck by a good idea or just a sudden appreciation for something fine. But I wondered, “what about the rest of the time – what is it, that a momentary realization is described as being so short and so bright?” Is the rest of the time really so dull and monotonous, as if we were living in darkness? Can’t we live all or most of the time in the light?

When my kids were in their pre-teen years, old enough to be useful in doing the daily chores but also to have found reluctance in the mindless tasks of housekeeping, we used to play a game called “Find The Beauty.” Circumstantially, we were in a challenging time. Money was tight. The kids and I had just moved two-thousand miles across country while Barb had stayed “home” in Colorado to work and get the house on the market. We were living in a small two-bedroom apartment, having left a relatively spacious 3-bedroom house. Brendan’s “room” was a large closet.

We wrote down the daily chores, like “vacuum”, “empty trash”, “feed the kitties” on slips of folded paper and dropped them in a fishbowl. Each day, we’d take turns drawing them out and we’d have our list of ‘to dos’ for the day. But we had to think and come up with something good to say – some blessing or silver lining – about the chore or our current situation. It was a way of looking on the bright side, positive thinking. Finding the beauty.

I hope it taught my children the power of a thankful attitude.

Acts 17:11 The people in Berea were more open-minded that those in Thessaloniki. They were glad to hear the message Paul told them. They studied the scriptures every day to make sure that what they heard was really true. :12 The result was that many of them believed…

I choose to be from Berea. It’s conscious, intentional effort to find the beauty, especially in challenging situations, but even in an ordinary, good-not-great-but-not-evil day. And all around us, if we but choose to look and actually see, God has placed beauty and the mysterious miraculous everywhere.

What are some of the beauties you have found?

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