Be Living Believing

90 seconds.
Tie game.
The defending champs had just scored and were ready to kick off. Big Mo was all on their Goliath-side.

On the other side of the field, – on OUR side – the league’s doormats for 40 years. Our two previous tries had been unqualified disasters – and fully predictable and predicted, I suppose. So, ya, this year? Without even our star general? Led by some unheard-of backup who hadn’t even been a starter in college? To say nothing of the “fact” that we shouldn’t have even been there but for a blown call – some fool’s judgement – or worse, something more humanly sinister… Should we even bother watching?

But didn’t we all watch? Well, we, the True Believers. With an equal amount of desperate hope mixed with timid, whispering confidence, and grim expectation of “ever the same”, “too good to be true”, “stuff like this just doesn’t happen to US”.

Didn’t we know it was “in the bag” – and weren’t we actually afraid, full of fear – that this WAS our “not-this-time-moment-and-we-would-be-like-NOW-what-we-do,-now-that-IT’S-finally-happened?” It’s really real!

And, then, like we were re-watching it in any of the years that followed, when there could be no doubt (and you all know that’s what it’s been like ever since), those 90 seconds tick (ticked) off. We’re holding (we held) our breath, gasping (gasped) with each small success. One moment, one step at a time. Forgetting to breathe. Believing. Unbelieving. Believing!


Luke 24:32 … When He talked to us on the road, it felt like a fire burning in us. How exciting it was when He explained to us the true meaning of the scriptures!”
:38 But Jesus said, “Why do you doubt what you see? :39… It’s Really Me!”

It’s Really REAL!
Be Living Believing!

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