“Relationship vs Ritual” (with, not at, You)

Colossians 3:4 “…Christ is now you life…”

Heavenly Father, recently you spoke to me through a friend’s testimony. I quote, “Relationship, not just rituals.” Savior Lord, relationship with you, not just the rituals of certain time and action, which become unthinking and unmeaningful, is what I desire. And simply keeping my attention on you, to real, interactive communication with you (not @ you) is the key.

Talking with you; you do speak, in many ways, just not always in a human voice. Remind me to listen, carefully. Seeing all things, with you; miraculous visions abound in your creation. Point out those things worth a second glance, intently. Feeling, especially joy, but other emotions, as well, with you; these are the flavor of my human life. Feed them to me, deeply.

Father, how I delight in recognizing your many messages! And these communications, two-way – can be so short and simple.

:11 “… Christ is all that matters, and he is in all of you…”


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