Rx: Take FAITH

Friends, I’m off – I’ve been off – my medication.

Yes, I confess. I haven’t been taking my own prescription, following my God’s plan of care. Oh, it’s not the once-a-day doses I’ve been missing. I’m right here in the examination room on-time every morning for The Word, journaling my symptoms, trying to purge the evil that seeps into my heart through my worldly-focused thoughts, words, and actions. Or non-actions. And just look at these blog-dates – see, I’m on my written spiritual/physical therapy.

But, that’s not the whole treatment regimen. I admit, it’s because I’ve been feeling – or rather, trying to feel – “fine.” Like I don’t need the extra draught of cure-all. “I’m OK.” “I don’t feel BAD, just not so GOOD.”  I literally ‘feel healthy’ but then I go for hemodialysis 3x times a week, which clearly is evidence of sickness, and definitely leaves me drained and unable to do. Or less-inclined to do.

Sometimes, I honestly don’t like the side-effects. I get all jittery with this urgent faith, as if I’m at war in an invisible realm, while everything on the surface seems perfectly rational and peaceful. No worries. Nothing to fear here. “All’s well that ends well.” Meanwhile, my vitals are borderline, nearly flat-line as I wander in and out of godly consciousness through the rest of the day. Oh, I know I need the dialysis spiritually just as much as my blood does.

You know what I’m missing, don’t you? Proper rehabilitation requires swallowing that peace-pill promptly. It’s my PRN, which mean “pro re nata”, “as needed”. For me, it stands for Pray Right Now, and it’s an immediate fix, the breath from a divine rescue-inhaler or drop of God-glycerin under the tongue. At its very least, it brings the self-doubt and depression under a small semblance of control, and calms my mind enough so that I can remember “whenever I am afraid, I trust in you”. (Psalm 56:3, memorized and mesmerized.)

You see, I continue to be totally hung-up on the aspect of how my doing impacts my salvation. We’re told that there’s nothing we can do to earn, afford, or deserve God’s eternal life-giving gift of grace. And this is true. But it’s because Christ has already completed the action for that part of the healthcare plan. He’s already paid our premium.

Frankly, though, there is an element of this faith and spiritual care-taking, this cure, that does depend on what I do. I have to know and research the prescription, renew in daily, believe whole-heartedly that it will work as promised, and actively take it, all day, and especially when needed. Especially during all those “at a time’s”.

Take one day… at a time.
Take one moment… at a time.
Take one step on the pathway to peace… at a time.

2 Peter 1:5-8 Do all you can to add to your life these things:

– to your faith add goodness
– to your goodness and knowledge
– to your knowledge add self-control (which includes taking your meds)
– to your self-control add patience
– to your patience add devotion to God
– to your devotion to God add kindness to your brothers and sisters in Christ
– and to this kindness add love

If all these things are in you and growing, you will never fail to be useful to God. You will produce the kind of fruit that should come from your knowledge of Lord Jesus Christ.


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