Unmet – Yet

Sometimes I really do wish there was a way things in life could be ‘unmet’. As in undone. A do-over with an alternate path taken, or an event avoided. This is usually because of something that was ‘unmet’ in the first place – something that never, in fact, did happen. Isn’t it funny how the same word can be used to express completely opposite ideas.

The official definition of unmet is ‘(of a requirement) not achieved or fulfilled.’ That’s it. There’s no second meaning for going back and ‘un-meeting’ someone or something. For changing what is. The word speaks to that which never was.


‘Yet’ because that’s how we humans are. It’s our default way of seeing things. It’s intrinsic. And another word that gives the same feeling as ‘yet’ is hope. Eternal optimism. We all have it – hold it. Cling to it. Otherwise, why would we not just quit? Just turn off the movie and go to bed. Admit it. You really do want to see how your show ends. Deep down, you believe that the ending will be all right.

“Ride out with me. Ride out and meet them.” -Aragorn

Yes, I know. Everyday some of us do give up. Check out. Turn life’s TV off. But most of us just retreat for the night with full intent to come out fighting in the morning. Even when the odds are totally against us, and “the fortress is taken”, there’s a manner in which we can go out. Fighting. Go down swinging. We just can’t do nothing.

“But I’m gonna try and give a little hope to you.
There’s a light at the end of this tunnel.” – Third Day, Tunnel

My morning readings spoke to me about this. About hope. About keeping going, despite the times when things look bleak. Washed out. Washed away. Drained. Not coincidentally, this is often how I feel after a hemodialysis treatment. Physically empty. I have to be reminded that this is the step I have to take to shake off the bad stuff. I have to tell myself that I have to have dialysis in order to live on.

“Moods are nearly always rooted in some physical circumstance, not in our true inner self. It is a continual struggle not to listen to [them]. We have to pick ourselves up by the back of the neck and shake ourselves; then we will find that we can do what we believed we were unable to do.” – Oswald Chambers

“…when the temporary joys of this world are taken from us, we’re reminded that earth is not our home. … Trials remind us that our paradise is elsewhere, with our Lord… There will be no unmet desires in heaven because our Lord will satisfy all our longings. He’ll abolish pain and pour his grace out on us forever.” – Trip Lee “Risen”

“God still works through and in spite of people… doing dumb things… [He’s] doing great things!” – Erik Raymond

Each day, these spiritual things I read all relate to one another – or I should say, there is some common theme that I find in everything I read. That is God speaking to me. His whisper. And he’s been prompting me to get beyond “me me me” and my pitiful situation, which can seem untenable, unwinnable, and reach out to share with others. To show what can be gotten through. What he can bring someone, anyone through.

Luke 21:19 ERV
You will save yourselves by continuing in your faith through all these things.

:13 But this will give you an opportunity to tell about me.

3 thoughts on “Unmet – Yet

  1. Thanks for this post. I just found your site and enjoyed reading this greatly. I don’t think there is anything that is a “coincidence” in our lives … I believe that God has things arranged for His purposes and that we are privileged, at times, to see His hand working, behind the scenes if you will. The connection between things that seem varied but which say the same thing in multiple ways, that common thread, truly is one of the ways that God gets His message to us, as expressed in His Word. Blessings to you as you continue to find His threads in your day.

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      1. I sense that there are more than we think. Similar to when Elijah thought he was the only one still serving the Lord and God corrected that view for him. The sad thing, to me, is that there are so few who are willing to stand up and speak for the Lord, anywhere other than church!


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