Personal Experience vs…

We have moments of great importance which we will always remember in exact detail. Examples from my lifetime are The Challenger and 9/11. I can recall where I was, what I was doing, and many of the specific circumstances of my life at the time. The rest of my moments blur together into general collages, from which I derive concepts and themes. We can “relive”, so to speak, only the impactful events.

Likewise, spiritually, I have had just a precious few moments of personal experience of God and Jesus Christ. But “personal experience” is a very weak phrase to describe it. There are things I “knew” before Christ found me. Head knowledge, book smarts, street wisdom. Stuff I read or was taught. I have always been good at reciting facts and dates. But to actually live a moment of divine grace and intervention (lol like I was really there), and truly know something because it was for real happening to me – that is something else entirely, something beyond basic knowledge or fond memory.

Matthew 11:28 the “Come to Me … and I will give you rest” verse, is what this kind of moment is, one in which I experienced unbelievable belief, the infinitely too good to be true. Can you dig it?

And I greatly desire to live every minute in this mountaintop-like-way. Sadly, though, I only seem to get close in times of extreme desperation. Rock-bottom times. I’m searching for ways to do this. What have you found?

(Unfortunately, it’s time to head to dialysis, which itself is a miracle in its own way.)

One thought on “Personal Experience vs…

  1. There is a way to let the physical fade into the background and let the spiritual come to the forefront. It is not in religion. It is not in words. It is in rest. Letting the Spirit take over in the moment. Focus to connect. It is always there, good times or bad.
    Ask quietly into the Spirit, “What do you have for me now?” Then listen in your spirit as if talking to a best friend. Note the impressions and emotions. Emmanuel has a voice, and it is continually with us.


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