399I believe in God, the Creator. I believe in His promise of an age to come where everything is made right. Fixed. Repaired. Like new. No more tears. No more pain. No evil. No dangerous options in the list of choices we have. (Personally, I hope to be eternally singing and playing in the band, serving with beautiful worship, but I’ll be ok with just making a loud, joyful noise – since I have experience at that.)

jack-palance-just-one-thingTherefore, my purpose is to listen and be taught by experience about spiritual things, to Share God’s Story in my life with anyone who’ll sit still long enough, to love, encourage, and be of service and support to the people in my sphere of influence, and to practice and prepare to exist in that coming age, whether it be a somewhere-else heaven, or an earth made heaven-like. This world is a classroom where I learn the hard way what the truly easy way is all about. I want to “pay that forward.”

Come and hear, all you who fear God. Let me tell you what He has done for me.
Psalm 66:16

IMG_3763To me, at first glance, that easy way looked like the impossible – and undesirable – way. “You want me to do what?” Trust in something I can’t see? Obey? Not please myself and enjoy? Not just have fun? I should do for others? Be a slave to “virtue?” Sacrifice? Of course, I turned the other way instead of the other cheek. Of course, I enjoyed physical pleasures and pastimes and the many things I could consume to achieve an “alternate” mood.

img_0885It took me four decades to realize that I’d taken a road that was not what it seemed, and I’d become owned by useless and empty habits and attitudes. I was shackled to, and solely, soullessly, pulling a heavy wagon overflowing with heaped-on emotional baggage. What had seemed the simpler, painless path was really a cleverly disguised gilded cage with a treadmill set next to a looping slideshow, a holodeck of holograms going nowhere, a bouncing in a rubber room of insanity. (You’ve no doubt heard the definition: doing the same thing over and over, but expecting the results to differ.)

In 2008, my pursuit of happiness via xxx, video gaming, and substance over-use came to crashing halt when I took a virtual two-by-four upside the head and awoke to realize with horror what I had been doing to myself. I needed help. I’d been given a preview of the gruesome downward spiral I was following full-speed, but I’d been given new life to seek a different race course.

adventureThis blog is the readable documentary of that salvation, a textbook of the lessons I’ve learned. It starts every morning with being still and knowing, with frankly accepting how I’m made, and with a daily resolution to go wherever the Maker leads. He is the One for whom I am here. I am now carefully choosing how to live. And that is not by self-centeredly living my story, but instead Sharing God’s Story in my precious life.

I invite you to join me on this journey. I welcome your comments and commiseration, and especially, your own enlightenment.



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