Learning the hard way about the easy way…

Acts 21:13 For I am ready… even to die in Jerusalem for the name of Jesus.

If the first question is “Is there a ‘who’ behind everything that exists?” then the second question is, “Why?” or, more specifically, “Why me?” And, really, no matter how one answers the first, the second is always the same. (Well, maybe, if one answers ‘no’ to the first, then the next is “Why not me?”

“What am I here for?” is a close third.

I believe in God, the Creator. I believe in His promise of an age to come where everything is made right. Fixed. Repaired. Like new. No more tears. No more pain. No evil. No bad options in the list of choices we have. (Personally, I hope to be eternally singing and playing in the band, serving with beautiful worship, but I’ll be ok with just making a loud, joyful noise – since I have experience at that.)

Therefore, I believe my “what” is to learn, to be taught, to practice and prepare how to exist in that coming age, whether it be a somewhere-else heaven, or an earth made heaven-like – I really don’t care – don’t need to care – which. This lifetime is a classroom where I learn the hard way what the easy way is all about.

Make no mistake, at first glance, the easy way looked like the impossible – and undesirable – way. “You want me to do what?” Believe in something I can’t see? Obey? Not please myself and enjoy? Not just have fun? I should do for others? Be a slave to others? Sacrifice? It’s oh, so easy, to turn the other way instead of the other cheek. But before too long – (well, if you consider 4 decades to be not long), I realized that I’d taken a road that was not what it seemed, and I’d become owned by useless and empty habits and attitudes. Shackled to, and solely, soullessly, pulling a heavy “parry” wagon overflowing with heaped-on baggage. What had seemed the easy path was really a cleverly disguised cell, a filmset treadmill next to a looping slideshow, a holodeck of holograms going really nowhere, a rubber room of insanity. (You’ve no doubt heard the definition: doing the same thing over and over, but expecting the results to differ.)

It was hard to discern the answer to the ‘what’ question, but it started with being still and knowing, with frankly accepting how I’m made, and then resolving to follow where that led: for whom I am here. Choosing how to live. And not self-centeredly living my story, but instead Sharing God’s Story Through One Life.

Psalm 6:5 If I am dead… I cannot sing about you. Those in the grave don’t praise you.

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