Is my faith your faith? “Our” faith? Should it be?

Is my faith, your faith? Is it our faith? Should it be? Shouldn’t it be?

Faith is personal, individual. It is my relationship with The Creator. A purposeful Creator. A loving Creator who makes every single thing for a specific reason, and who cherishes each piece of the resulting whole.

Let’s start there. Do you agree? Can you agree?
Surely, the world’s problems are not between those who do and don’t believe some one made it all, (because for those who believe some thing is the creative force, the simple, rational and reasonable philosophy of ‘live and let live (or let die, as needs be)’ is a good general rule for peace. Assuming, of course, that what we all want is, in the first place, peace – getting along. Peace with ourselves. Peace with each other. Peace with why-ever we’re here.)

I say The Creator – a personable being most easily referred to as ‘He’ – made everything, and, in the sense of ‘if-you-love-something-let-it-go;-if-it-comes-back,-it’s-yours’, He gave us free will. Even though that means we will make great big messes. All the time. But, knowing this, He intentionally included a way for all these f**k-ups to be put right. With myself. Maybe – sometimes – with others – the ones that got hurt or hurt me. With The Creator. So I (coming back to Him for help) can literally, spiritually and psychologically, pick myself up when I fall and keep living.

Can we agree that’s a very needed and good thing? A way to make the stuff that went wrong, be right? It’s the way – the only way – for all my “should have done’s” and “should not have done’s” to be corrected. To be put right with Him, The Creator. That Way is Him punishing His own Son, Himself in fact, in my place. In your place. In our place, so He can be that cherishing unconditional love and absolute universal justice at the same time – because the only thing the omnipotent Creator has to be is both.

He, God The Creator, hopes and is pleased (‘expects’ is not the right word), when I can then turn around and treat others as He treats – over and over again – me. Isn’t dealing with others in this way the key to peace in the world?

Some one  -or thing – created all. Peace is good. We all agree, right?

Faith is my relationship with The Creator. Faith is your relationship with The Creator. We were made by the same Creator. Everything was made by one Creator.

So, is my faith, your faith? Is it ‘our’ faith?

Certainly, faith is a good thing. It’s good for each of us. It’s good for society if each member has faith. But where then, does individual faith morph and turn into, devolve into the ugliness that ‘religion’ can be?

We, my wife and I, just drove to Colorado and back. During the trip, while traveling through ‘Amish’ country, we talked about this. I had heard that one of these groups had split over the number of lamps on their buggies. I ask you, what does this have to do with “faith”?

Ultimately, it’s this …relying on the display of  …incidental behaviors as the …identifier of a fellow believer that causes problems. How we dress, look, speak, contribute, mow our lawns, etc. How we do anything except how we directly treat others. I think the telling sign of someone who believes as we do was meant to be simply our behavior toward others. And this is summed up in the new commandment, the new covenant, that Jesus, God the Son, gave: in relationships. Loving relationships. With the Creator. With others. With myself. Relationships we work on developing. Not exactly what we do, but how we do it.


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