An Exercise in being Pruned…

John 15:2 … [My Father] trims every branch that produces fruit to prepare it to produce even more.

:7 Stay joined together with me, and follow my teachings. If you do this, you can ask for anything you want, and it will be given to you.

In God’s way (which might surprise you), and in God’s time (which certainly will not match your schedule). Ya.

Our Father is a Master Gardener, a Heavenly Landscaper. I’m on this subject because we’re about to have some professional landscaping done. My sad efforts (sometimes little more than imagination), have failed to produce, so we’re calling out for help!

That and today’s “Mornings with Jesus” (a new daily devotional from Guideposts), brought me to considering John 15:2 and my life. I have surely been trimmed in many, varying ways. Let’s carry the analogy further:

The seed was planted long, long ago, at North Baptist Church in Brockton by a traveling evangelist, Theron Spurr. It took root, but soon went underground, growing in stealth, so to speak. Have you ever heard of the “Century Plant”? Agave Americana lives 20-30 years and flowers only once at the end of this period. I’ve been like that.

Certainly, I looked like an out-of-control weed during much of my past, just plain green-ness spreading here and there in no apparent pattern, and with no obvious benefit to the scenery (or mankind). Any flowering was dormant. Much pruning was required. I like to think that I’ve had a weed-like hardiness, stubbornness perhaps, which kept me going, but, in hindsight, it’s been God’s constant watering and staking-out of my creepingness (and sometimes, creepiness) that saved me from being dug up, got me one more season in the garden.

Now I can only be thankful for the continual care God took and still takes in cultivating me. Me, the plant, is barely recognizable as that sprout that took to alcohol, porn, video games, and so many other ways of killing and wasting precious life-time. Recovery from these habits, and the literal shearing from health issues such as kidney failure, open-heart surgery, and removal of part of my colon (call me semi-colon), have transfigured everything. I pray my flowering will not be shortened, and that I’ll continue (to learn) to bloom.


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