I originally posted this on Facebook:

So, I’m just speculating here – I seem to have nothing but time in my present circumstances…

See first my earlier post about these candidates being the most reviled, un-respected, even unacceptably hated nominees in history. “I’ll move if that one gets elected.”)
What we have here is a choice between a blatantly foot-in-mouth, arguably sociopathic narcissist, and a demonstrably criminal career politician. How we even ended up with these as the options is suspect. 
So, let’s just hypothesize. The one “unfit to hold office” wins, thereby bringing about a storm of protest- dare I say to the point of widespread civil unrest (and we’ve already seen how those campaign events easily tend to violence). 
Or, the unacceptably criminal, “royal family”, constitution-by-passing, “hater of America” wins, thereby producing mass demonstrations of open-carry, stirred-up-against-status-quo-and-immigrants-and-the-over-entitled militia (aka widespread civil unrest.)
Now, I ask you, what are the powers-that-be- um what is the power that be – supposed to do? What if all three are in cahoots?
Let me ask another question:
Have you ever played Hearts, and at some point in the hand realized that someone is unstoppably about to shoot the moon?

Did you see the Star Wars saga, episodes 1-3?

Do you know the history of Germany in the early 1930s? 

Now tell me how it could *never* happen in this nowadays-not-so-great nation; how these conspiracy concerns are not in the slightest *believable*. Tell me how it voids the prophecies in God’s Word. 
And, by all means, tell us all how such a thing can be prevented.

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