Faith Is Like ____; Faith Is Really ____

Have you ever heard faith being described?

Faith is like re-watching a recording of an amazing come-from-behind sports victory – knowing how it will end; but faith is really sitting down to watch the first game of a new year, knowing that my team will consistently play well, make a game of every contest, no matter the final score, no matter a single game throughout the season, and be playing in January. (Yes, my team is the New England Patriots.)

Faith is like my favorite “happy ending” movie marathon (again) – it seems like Lord of the Rings/Hobbit are always on somewhere; but faith is really catching a movie I’ve never seen before, knowing the ending will be just right, because the best stories are all based on The Greatest Story Ever Told.

Faith is like being up early enough to take in the sunrise; but faith is really the assurance of tomorrow’s sunrise.

Faith is like the hostas around my house in the springtime, making their annual re-appearance; but faith is really having the landscaper move some of them to new spots in the yard, knowing that they will do just fine. (I’ve seen this – you can’t hurt a hosta!)

Faith is like reading Revelation and other verses about The Day; but faith is really waiting expectantly, counting the signs, completely sure it is well on the way, even if it won’t get here in my lifetime.

Faith is like tasting the memory of last year’s Thanksgiving dinner cooked my Brother-in-Law Dan – and the years’ before that, too; but faith is really the delicious smells coming from the kitchen this year and knowing they’ll be worth it.

Faith is like the finish line of a 5k walk, barely 4 months after open-heart surgery; but faith is really like the starting line of yet another 5k, today.

Faith is like hearing my favorite worship song this morning at church, and making my joyful noise right along with it; but faith is really having that song ringing in all glory in my head for the rest of the day, and then having it return fully at a stressful point during the week.

Faith is like a warm bear-hug; but faith is really feeling that hug again at exactly the right lonely moment.

Faith is like every intimate moment I’ve ever had with my wonderful spouse; but faith is really appreciating the true feeling of closeness when our bodies have aged past the capability or interest of experiencing it any longer.

Faith is like the precious moments spent holding my grandchild; but faith is really the immediate smile at the sight of his face or even the simplest thought of him.

Faith is like seeing my daughter go forward at Vanguard Church in Colorado Springs; but faith is really knowing she’s going to be all right in this life.

Faith is like the time I spend in the Word, comforted by its promises from a loving Creator; but faith is really looking back on a life that has been completely changed and re-arranged to now have purpose.

How do you describe faith?

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