How Shall I Live? (version Sep 2009)

How Shall I Live?

I hold myself to living each day by God’s Holy and Spiritual Virtues.

I acknowledge God as my Creator and Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ, as my Savior, Teacher, Brother, and Master. I trust in Him, and willingly share my Testimony by my words and actions to spread God’s Good News.

I commit my life to His Purpose for me: to help those desperate enough to consider suicide, those enslaved to addiction, and those suffering in depression.

I accept my earthly need for food, shelter, clothing, and transportation, and the resources they require BUT I also accept that there is an amount of these things which is enough for me. Any excess God provides He calls me to freely give to those in need.

I take responsibility for the care of my body, mind, and spirit, and set aside time – each day, if possible / each week, at the least – for physical exercise, learning, and conscious connection with God and with others.

I keep my vow to my wife to unconditionally love, honor, cherish, and respect her, to turn exclusively to her to meet and fulfill all my sexual needs, and to submit myself to and for the oneness of our marriage. We were created by God for each other forever.

I prepare my children to take their place in the world, leading by example.

I am what I do today
I am sexually pure for my wife
I confess my wrongs and ask forgiveness
I serve by doing my best to live Christ’s example
I forgive myself because Jesus paid for all my sins

Who am I?!
I am God’s man!
I am a survivor through Him
Here to help others survive!
I am doing, not waiting,
And  with Him,
I am making something GOOD happen!

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