Christianity Is: To Be Continued

Dear Readers,

This morning I have so many thoughts, analogies, and metaphors running through my head – all with a single theme: on how Christianity, in a very, very broad and very individual sense at the same time, is… just is… the human story.

So, I  have this idea for a series of blogs entitled “Christianity is: ____”. And, of course, the very first post in such a string of musings has to be: “To Be Continued.”

Because, literally, continuation is one of the central tenets of the Christian faith. Life eternal. Second Coming. Age to come. The dead will rise, glorified. To Be Continued…

We procreate to continue our name or family line, and to gain a sort of immortality in how we are remembered – how we are continued. There is certainly some indescribable feeling of tangible succession we get from being a parent and grandparent. Words cannot describe it to someone who isn’t. (And these words I’ve written really feel lame in explaining how it feels to me – but I could try to tell you how I feel about the potential of becoming a great-grandparent!)

In the more immediate sense, each day we wake and go about living. We retire for the night, with anticipation for tomorrow … to be continued. We make short, medium, and long-term plans, expecting to be there to see their completion. And to continue on to the next thing.

Let’s talk about how “episodic” our entertainment interests are: think about a favorite TV show, movie trilogy, or multi-book adventure: “Stay tuned! …to be continued!” In sports, the season’s never over until you-know-who sings. In the playoffs (ahm, just had a recent reminder) even down, with two out in the bottom of the ninth and two strikes, we are on the edge of our chair in positive anticipation of that next pitch. And, immediately, “there’s always next year”.

Mountain-top experiences: don’t we live for them? I know there are valleys to get through, but my eyes are on the hills where my help comes from – again and again.

There is something in our human condition that just seems expectant and hopeful about the future, whether it is the coming minute or the coming of the Messiah.

To Be Continued…

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