An Earful

It was a blustery day. “Think… think… think…” -Winnie the Pooh

We have many trees where I live. This region does, and our house lot, too. Of course, this means much work come the blustery fall, as the leaves drop and play in the wind.

Walking in the leaves

In my first autumn of blogging, it’s natural for this topic to drift into my writing. I don’t like raking – I never have. My parents would, in my childhood, draft us kids into the movement. We all recognized the pointless labor. No matter how much we gathered and bagged, by the next day the yard was covered again. I vaguely recall being very small when fun was allowed and we jumped in the piles, but, as we got older, so, too, did that game. (And it was certainly discouraged by responsible adults.) These days, I just want to get the thing done as fast as possible, and my thoughts can get surly as I think about what else I could be doing.

… Mary was sitting as Jesus’ feet and listening to him teach.
… Martha was doing all the work that had to be done. … Martha went in and said, “Lord… Tell her to help me!”
“Martha, Martha you are getting worried and upset about too many things.
“Only one thing is important. Mary has made the right choice, and it will never be taken away from her.

A leafless season

I’m definitely a Mary-type. I’d rather soak up the warmth of the light of Spring than bustle about in brisk breezes.

Now, I’m not saying the leaves should be left (especially when they tend to migrate to the neighbor’s tree-less yard), but I believe even the most mundane task can be done joyously – if I can find something about it that reminds me of God’s beauty and purpose in it.

Reading Ecclesiastes 1 the morning of leaf day does not help – well, not until after the job’s done. Several days after the job is done, actually.

I decided to study and to use my wisdom to learn about everything that is done in this life. I learned that it is a very hard thing God has given us to do.
Ecclesiastes 1:13 ERV

Having finished my journey through the New Testament in the Easy-To-Read (ERV) translation, I decided to study next this most challenging of books. It’s written in a kind of reverse-logic way, showing the practical strength of faith “by pointing to the grimness of the alternative.” (Eaton, as quoted in The Blue Letter Bible Study Guide by David Guzik.)

Imagine, then, the prospect of leaf upon leaf upon leaf awaiting collection without the promise of an Almighty Creator. Talk about pointless!

…I learned that trying to become wise is like trying to catch the wind.

I looked at everything done on earth, and I saw that it was a waste of time. It is like trying to catch the wind.

That phrase, “catch the wind”, was a breath of fresh air in my wonder of this Fall folly.

wind-blown-leavesThis time of year can get windy here in the Northeast, and the air is filled with the sweeping sound of skittering, scatter-rattling leaves. We used to live in Colorado’s Front Range, and the Chinook Winds roaring down the slopes were something to see and hear and feel. I’ve been to the top of Pikes Peak and to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean – where great gusts give a  breathless earful.

But those memories stirred my imagination, and now I think maybe I was hearing God’s whispering voice.

He was saying, “Enough! Give the landscaper a call! Have you seen these guys with the blowers?? Amazing!”


Oh, and listen to this song by Big Daddy Weave, with some majestic video from the state of Utah!

Maker Of The Wind


One thought on “An Earful

  1. I’m not fond of the leaves, but I love their beauty. I know that God created the trees and the leaves for a reason. I had to rake as a child, and was even given a coin or two for my trouble. I learned to appreciate having something worthwhile to do with my time. It kept me out of trouble for one thing. It also helped me be out in nature, since I much preferred to settle in the house. I’m not fond of the cold but I know it gives the ground a rest so that it can produce. I don’t know how the leaves help exactly, but I know the trees are important to our health. God had a plan that he cast upon us beautifully. Whenever I get weary of doing whatever task that is set before me, I think of the scripture in Genesis that loosely says: “And then there was light.” The fog in my head seems to brighten then, and I move on with renewed appreciation for where I am in that moment. It seems to help me anyways!

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