I Can Speak ONLY Of Myself

Yesterday, I wrote about the difference in speaking ‘of’ myself and talking ‘to’ myself. I continued considering this point, and, today, I add that I can speak only of myself.

What brought me to this was failing God  – again – and my concern over having caused Him disappointment. What do I do now? How do I get back that feeling of His compassion and approval?

Research (Google ‘when I disappoint God’) turned up a few important thoughts. One was that there are two elements to disappointment, surprise and frustration. God, omniscient, cannot be surprised by anything. And all of His wrath and anger at us was poured out on Christ at the cross, so there can be no frustration. I should say, no frustration with us, only for us and the mess we make with our self-informed choices. (From ReligionNews.com)

God was reconciling the world to himself in Christ,
not counting people’s sins against them.
2 Corinthians 5

“God’s primary emotion towards us… is love, and we receive it knowing we [have]/can do nothing to deserve it.”

“Jesus came for the spiritually weak, for broken people who live imperfect lives, for those who don’t have it all together, for the serial failures and habitual mess-ups.”

This description fits me perfectly, but it made me wonder, “Are there some to whom this doesn’t apply? Honestly, I can not say there are not.

I can speak only for myself, and my need. I cannot speak for anyone else. I can “suppose” that all need Christ (for all have fallen short), but, if there are those who think/believe they don’t – who am I to judge? Would/could I presume to judge “a man after God’s own heart?”

I know I need Christ, and that is enough. I can only “suppose” that all would benefit from knowing him, but I fail them if I place myself as superior to them because of their lack of belief. Regardless, I am still called to live my life as an example of Christ’s transforming power. It is only by that demonstration, merely backed up by the words I speak, that will shine God’s light in this world.

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