Daily Prompt: Harmonize

Is it just me, or do we humans always desire that which we are not most capable of? For example, I love music: singing and playing. I know I’m not the best guitar player, but I’ve seen improvement with practice, and I’ve always been good at drums (although, strangely, I don’t drum these days). Singing – I’m just not so sure.

These past 9 years I’ve been practicing a lot more – like daily (I sing in the car). Years ago, I listened to my own recordings and was disappointed by my voice. So I know I’m not a natural. But, recently I have been complimented (I sing at church). Honestly, I’m afraid to listen to a recording; I don’t want to be disappointed.

I guess another form of the question is: Does passion for doing something count for more than talent for it?

BTW, my band’s name will be “Joyful Noise.” Or maybe “The Courage to Change the Things I Can.”

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