Acronyms are one of God’s greatest gifts “cause” they are the power to speak a universe with a single word. In today’s post, that acronym is “CAUSE,” (with a PPS: post post-script, too). Together, “PPS: CAUSE” is The Story of Everything in one expression.

Here it is:

Purposeful (or not),
Physical (and)

Salvation, (and)
Eternal Ending / Enlightment

It’s a hefty subject, so I’ll break my presentation into two parts. Today, we’ll reach to the heart of the matter, the center of it all, Understanding.

Ready? OK! Here goes!

The first PS is Physical and Spiritual, the seen and the unseen, the touchable and the “feel-able,” the actually done and the dreamt or thought, the known and the believed, the body and the soul. Any valid viewpoint has to answer both. The physical is obvious; it is the world we walk in. The spiritual is by far the harder of the two to explain. Describing it might even be the whole reason (or “cause”) for the discussion.


Something or some “being” had to create everything. Certainly, this is agreed upon. There may be a question as to whether it is a “living” intent or just unaware physics, the “force.” (I watched Rogue One last night. Good story that fits perfectly into this topic, as we’ll see when we get to salvation.)

The second PS (PPS) is for those, like me, who believe in the purposefulness for it all. There has to be meaning. There has to be a “cause” for the “CAUSE.”

For Creation, I present Genesis 1 and the first, second, fourth, and part of the third day.

Genesis 1:1 CEV In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth(s). [Our] earth was barren, with no form of life; … [just water and darkness] … but the Spirit of God was moving … [over them].

God commands, and light, night and day, oceans and land, and sun, moon, and stars are made. All the inanimate, atomic-level stuff. It’s the literal stage that is now set for the drama to follow. A performance for the Creator Him (or It) -self.

A note about God “speaking” everything into existence:
John 1:1, In the beginning was the one who is called The Word, … with God, truly God …
Creation, or perhaps creativity itself, is and is with God. “I am that I am.” God is what is. But how much of the song and dance to come had He written at this point? That is really a whole other subject.

A note about “earth(s)“:
Only the Creator knows how far creation goes.

A note about “days,” to God:
It’s just a concept of a period of time – an analogy that we can understand. IOW, literal interpretation is not necessary and is not of primary importance. His ways and thoughts are as far above us as ours are above the amoeba.

A note about the light and the dark:
God first creates light. It and everything else subsequent (and the water, which He can work with) He sees is “good,” leaving darkness (or perhaps “nothingness”) and the uncreated (and any desire to bring them about) as good’s opposite. 


Animation is separate from creation because it defines the difference between things living and capable of growing and changing, and what is non-living. It is the added “spark,” that bit of the divine “breathed” into all forms of life. It starts on the third day, with all kinds of plants, and continues on days five and six with the birth of all sea-dwellers, birds, animals, and, finally, mankind. These creatures (created things) are all also made up of atomic-level stuff, but with that something extra. They are built in phases, from the simplest, single cell to the pinnacle of sentience and viability, us.

A deep thought (far too deep for this post):
At the atomic level, the interaction of protons, electrons, etc could be said to be “lifelike,” these are the forces of physics that enable “change”; Certainly, it can be said that there are life and growth on a planetary scale, too. It could be, then, that the “spark” of life is actually, at its most fundamental level, the ability to change – but that this ability has to be given by something higher (a Creator).

As for humans,

Genesis 1:26
… And they will be like us. We will let them rule… over all other living creatures.

Here ends what we know: there is a creation (we live in it), and we are indeed alive (we live, breathe, grow, think, and die). This is where belief, or understanding (and misunderstanding) begins.


This is the biggie. It’s the multifaceted aspect of everything. I’m reminded of a famous politician’s infamous quote (or an infamous politician’s famous quote?), “There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don’t know we don’t know.

It starts with the Garden, the perfection of good. There is no death, pain, sorrow, destruction. There are the two trees, of life and of “the power to know the difference between right and wrong.” God sets the man and woman in this place with only one restriction, to keep well away from the knowledge tree.

Let’s consider the many angles of understanding:

  • the understanding of good and evil
  • the understanding of God’s instruction, and the deception of the serpent
  • the conclusion of Act 1, God becoming human so that He can understand us
  • in our lives, thinking we know everything or even something
  • the revelation, perhaps at a rock-bottom moment, that we know next to nothing:
    only that there is a Creator who gives life, and takes it;
  • the understanding that there is a better place (the Garden) and the promise of an age to come, a return to perfection when we may get to understand the whole story
  • an understanding, from a lifetime of evidence, that in hindsight, the Creator does operate beneficially, and an acceptance that sometimes individual sacrifice is required (perhaps to be rewarded in the age to come)

… to be continued …

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