Daily Prompt: Casual
Casual is word that scares me these days. It does have a few meanings (six listed on Google dictionary) and one of them is – to me – dangerous. And my apprehension is backed up by the origin of this frightful utterance. Don’t be taken in!

Let’s take a look. There are four definitions for the adjective, and two for the noun. Most of them seem innocuous:


2. Not permanent; temporary

3. By chance, accidental

4. Without formality, particularly of clothing


1. A person who does something irregularly

2. Informal clothing

 But it’s the first, main connotation that is disturbing to me:

1. Relaxed or unconcerned

  • Made or done without much thought or premeditation 
  • Done or acting in a desultory way (desultory: lacking a plan or purpose, half-hearted, random, unfocused)
  • Done or acting without sufficient care or thoroughness

Some synonyms:

  • Unthinking
  • Unconsidered
  • Throwaway
  • Superficial
  • Indifferent
  • Unconcerned
  • Apathetic
  • Uncaring

Although it’s not listed as a synonym, to me casual is too much like complacent, and, if you’ve been following Sharing God’s Story, you know this is especially detrimental for me. In my journey of healing and transformation, temporary, indifferent, and unthinking are backwards steps. 

Perhaps one synonym in particular which might convey my fear is devil-may-care. If there’s anything I want to try to stay far away from, it would be something the devil may care about.

Casual’s origin speaks volumes. It’s derived from the Latin word casus, “fall.” No thank you! I don’t recommend casual!

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