Daily Prompt: Amble

OK, call me confused. If amble means “(a) walk or move at a slow, relaxed pace” (noun and verb), how do we get to preamble being “part of a document or an introduction?” This is important stuff to know!

So I ambled over to my dictionary to check it out.

The words are related, both stem from Latin ambulare ‘to walk.’ Preamble took an extra step in late Latin praeambulus ‘going before.’ So I can see how the transition from specifically walking to something coming before came about.

Now you know!


PS: Regarding the picture, back in May 2015, I had only the one speed, “slow.”


2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Amble

  1. We should probably discuss the word ambulatory which refers to a person who is able to walk. It is usually used to describe recovering sick people who are now walking. We could save ambiguous and circumambulate for another post.

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