Watching Weebs…

Grandchildren are a joy!

That is, I can’t speak about multiple grandkids, but I’m happy to talk all day about our first grandson’s first 19 months!

My wife and I call him “Weebs,” because his initials (BP) are the same as his dad’s (our son), which makes him “Wee B.”

(I like to think we’re cool at naming things. For example, we have a kitty called “Squeaky;” we nicknamed the neighbor’s long-haired little terrier, “Hairball;” and their son – who was carried like Peppermint Patties’ cat – is known as “Boneless.”)

Weebs, ah! What a miracle! He’s amazingly mobile and talkative, which makes for great entertainment and a fascinatingly personal engagement I honestly have never felt before.

He’s fearless! And smart! And up for facing challenges. That’s him bypassing the stairs to climb up to the highest slide. I see a sense of life and purpose in him that I misplaced a long time ago.

Being a grandparent is very different than having our own kids. I think that must be for several reasons.

We don’t have to be the “heavies,” the law-givers, so to speak. Not that we don’t have rules in our house, but I haven’t yet felt the … exasperation with Weebs that my own kids could generate so easily.

We don’t “have to” babysit him. Instead, our time is joyfully volunteered. (Again, not to take anything away from my own offspring- it’s just a different kind of “want to” feeling.)

It’s the ability to focus completely on him when he’s with us – that parents don’t get enough of – that is so special. Frequently, we have the pleasure of The Weebs’ presence for the whole weekend. (It really gives us plenty to do!)

As working-age, independent parents, our attention had to be on many things at the same time. We both had full-time jobs, we lived two thousand miles away from our extended families, and we had a household to run. Children were just a part of a bigger whole.

There’s also something very special about seeing and knowing that our son has “made it” to maturity, and has begun a new generation – in spite of all our weaknesses in raising him.

By the time we had kids, both our parental pairs already had several grandchildren. There might be something extra-special about the first one, but I’m a little sorry we lived so far away. They must have missed fully knowing these kids.

All this I hope BP and KP are learning from. What a privilege and a blessing children are! (I can hear “Cat’s In The Cradle” playing in my head.) Make the most of this time, kids!

G’amma and Great Grampy

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