Daily Prompt: Tentative

Walter Casey, where are you? All those years ago, it was you who called me “Partial Marshall.”

I have never forgotten.

Partial, adj – existing only in part; incomplete

adventureBut I can look at myself honestly – especially now, through the grace of God – and admit that you were correct (although, maybe not kind) in giving it.

A nicer name might have been tentative. (Frankly, indolent is the word I use.)

Tentative, adj – not certain or fixed; provisional; done without confidence; hesitant
Indolent, adj – wanting to avoid activity or exertion; lazy

Ya, that describes me, “to a T” (BTW, I was curious about this idiom, so I researched it. The phrase possibly came from a 1611AD KJV translation of Matthew 5:18, “one jot or one tittle …of the law,” as in a small stroke or point, like the “.” in “i” or the dots on dice. Now you know!)black and white,play,recreation,banner,square,board game

My Bible reading this morning presented me with an alternative:

Ecclesiastes 5:7 (GNT)
No matter how much you dream,
how much useless work you do,
or how much you talk,
you must still stand in awe of God.

Well, we’re about to see about that. My wife and I have decided it’s time to downsize to a townhome. Since she works, I’ll have to handle most of the action items.

But I’m committed to making this happen, for our good.

persistencePlan, now do
Commit, then complete
Faith, with action
Patient, yet urgent

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