Let’s face it; in life, very few seconds are sensational.

281There are just going to be long periods of (describe an “everyday” feeling) interspersed with brief – all-to-brief – exciting, edifying, and epiphanic experiences. The trick is what flavor of adjective I choose to describe the majority of my moments.

I’ve found I often have to consciously pick positive thinking. Thoughts influence mood.

A lot of potential descriptors imply dull routine or humdrum habits. My journaling today took on the challenge of finding a better phrase.

Day-by-day. Everyday. One day at a time. One uneventful day at a time – or are they really uneventful?


eclipse 1
the recent eclipse

Sure, the flashes of the miraculous are the memorable things but isn’t real living in our “ordinary” times? Don’t we spend more time “practicing” for life’s tests, like footballers spending the week getting ready for the next game day?


img_3337(Life is like a 5k; there’s only one start and one finish, the rest is one foot in front of the other…)

So, really what I’m looking to characterize is repetition. I don’t want drudgery. Some of its synonyms are toil, labor, and chores. Those don’t express how I want to feel either.

How about blessings? Certainly, to be alive is itself a great blessing. But I want a “D” word, to flow with “day-by-day.”img_3940-1(Time after time, Byron by-passed the stairs and climbed up to slide down, over and over; and he was excited about it every single time! I want that kind of energetic joy!)

I looked up synonyms for “blessing,” and came across three candidates: dedication, distinction, and diligence. They’re all attitudes I can take that keep me “up” on the importance of each moment – especially when one minute seems like any other minute of any other day.

Which would you choose?

  • my dedication to the day-by-day
  • the distinction of a day-by-a-day
  • diligence in my day-to-day

Proverbs 12:24

The diligent find freedom in their work;
The lazy are oppressed by work.

Work hard, and become a leader;
Be lazy and never succeed.

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