Adventures in Downsizing – Life Resuming

Our old, empty house

There’s nothing like photos of a vacant house. If the building is new to you, the rooms are full of potential. If you take the pictures just before moving, they’re full of the ghosts of memories: you can still see your furniture in its old layout but at the same time see, sadly, the unoccupied space.


In the case of our old home, these just-before-handing-over-the-keys snapshots were the first time we’d seen it empty. 

the “tool” room, full when we moved in

Throughout the process of cleaning and showing and emptying, it hit me how good a home it was: sturdy (1960’s built), big-roomed, great location.


But, because we knew the previous owners (Barb originally bought the house next door), we generously let them off without having to remove all their stuff. (I wouldn’t recommend doing this. I wouldn’t recommend buying a house from anyone you know.)


We loved the kitchen!

The “Alpine” room (the first pic), and the kitchen were the first two rooms we saw when visiting the house, and we were sold. But it never really felt like “us.” I think this is because we never saw it empty.


I guess what I’m trying to say is that we might have felt differently about getting out of there if we’d seen it with nothing in it first.

But a single-family dwelling is a lot of work, what with the required maintenance for the outside of the structure and the yard. This was a major reason for downsizing.

IMG_4075Strangely enough, it was also our first view of the kitchen in our condo that prompted us to make an offer. That big area with the slider faces just right to catch the winter-time sun.

I love sitting there at the kitchen table soaking up the heat or watching the snow fall, knowing there’ll be no shoveling to do. (Well, there’s a little – clearing off the deck, for instance.)

The living room has a gas fireplace, just like our house in Colorado.

IMG_4076And, of course, there’s the garage, which holds both cars!

So far, we are very happy with the new place, and we’re unpacking and organizing and making it ours. We had a blizzard yesterday and I spent the day sorting through all the boxes marked “office stuff.”

I’ll put a plugin for Bob’s Discount Furniture – we’ve already been there 3 times for bedroom, living room, and office furnishings.

There’ll be more pictures as we get settled in, but for now, I just wanted to get back to writing.


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