Daily Prompt: Cavity

Daily Prompt: Cavity

This is big praise for someone special, my daughter Kilian. She’s in the midst of an incredible “project” to make a better smile.


How do you feel about dentists and dental work?

Kili has had two dates with the oral surgeon to remove seven(?) teeth. (Five at the end of last year.) Yesterday she had dental work on all her upper teeth, and next up will be all her bottom teeth.

(She was a thumb-sucker and a non-teeth-brusher.) But now, she’s bravely facing her biggest fear to fix herself up in three phases with Northeast Oral Surgeons and Creative Dental Solutions up in Bangor, Maine.

And she’s doing this while a full-time student at U Maine Orono.

I am so proud of her! Way to adult, Kili!




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