Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Continuing my quest to post more often; considering I sit in this chair for three and a half hours three times a week; wondering how much solitaire can one play anyhow…

What better way to use the time?The dializer

The dialysis machine. Ya, that’s my blood in the tubes.

I’m on my phone, and there are some limitations with the app (as far as I know right now) but we’ll see!

So today I’m thinking a couple of thoughts about our new home.

  • First, it seems fog is a lot bigger here and rises more often here. And it’s really hard to see the road going through the dark, unlit wooded stretches.

(Ok, somehow I made that last paragraph a list and I can’t unlist it.)

The headlights illuminate a grey wall.

(Ok, there’s no option to use a photo from the free resource like on a pc.)

Here’s one I have saved:

The other thing: our new place seems to have an infestation of ladybugs. We’ve seen almost a dozen over the last week or so, always on the south-facing walls, upstairs and downstairs, kitchen and bathrooms.

Sorry, I have no ladybug pic but will take one and post it next time one appears.

So that’s it for my thoughts from the dialysis chair today. Look for my next post on Thursday.

Btw, no lie, the featured image was really how the lines lay on a Valentine’s Day.

One thought on “… from the Dialysis Chair

  1. Thanks for sharing your view… I come from a foggy place on the central coast of California and miss the fog now that I have moved inland. Two of my closest friends were dialysis patients. I ended up being a home hemodialysis assistant for one of them, end it was a wonderful experience. I wish you all the best!

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