D chair, Feb 27’18- gunky eyes

Keeping up my commitment to post something/anything while sitting for 3.5 hours in the dialysis (D) chair…

So, over the weekend the symptoms of a(nother) cold arrived: headache, sore throat, a cough, stuffed up nose. There came phlegm and snot and – most unusually – gunky eyes, which have got progressively worse.

Time to call my doc.

Anyone ever have a cold in the eyes?

3 thoughts on “D chair, Feb 27’18- gunky eyes

    1. I think how “healthy” we feel can be relative. Since 2014, I’ve had multiple issues- yet I would say I still feel the same – at the same level of health. (That is, of course, after the necessary periods of recovery.)
      Sharing the recovery experiences from health events, and beginning with the addiction recovery of 10 years ago, is, I believe, God’s purpose for me.

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  1. I pray for your healing!
    Please ask your docs if natural baking soda would hurt you.. There are many posts on the web stating that baking soda therapy heals the kidneys and keeps you from needing dialysis.. also D-mannose, is a natural supplement to treat or prevent infection in the UT, bladder, or kidneys..


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