An Update to My Ever-Changing Situation

More than likely, I now have ALS.

There’s no better way than to just say it. Add the condition to my list of health issues although this one could be the one that’s too much.

Well, June 12, 2019 was my last post. Today is September 14, 2020. I surely do have some updating to do!

(BTW I’ve forgotten almost everything about WordPress.)

To keep a long story short, the biggest health events were:

October 31, 2019, Halloween – my fistula access was infiltrated badly – when my INR has high, resulting in bleeding caused a “pseudo-aneurysm” in my forearm. This required surgery. Then, my upper arm developed hematomas, again while my INR was way-high. This resulted in two more surgeries. I was hospitalized for most of November and December.

Due to the swelling, my nerves were damaged. My left arm was useless with constant tingling and numbness in my wrist, hand, and thumb, index, middle, and half of my ring fingers (which continues to this day). This required months of Occupational Therapy – interrupted, of course, by the Covid lock-down.

Right around that time, April/May, I started developing slurred speech; a little at first (at times of talking a lot) but worsening to constant. And my swallowing ability is now affected, too: my food has to be blendered, and straws/bottles are out.

We’ve been to two neurologists and undergone a double-battery of tests which have eliminated everything but the dreaded ALS.

The diagnosis is still recent; we’re trying to get a handle on what it means for our family. My next neurologist appointment is 9/24.

I was happy to see I had a bookmark for SGS posts so I will keep updating you here.

Blessings and Lessons


I suppose I should say “Welcome Back!”

Or you should say that to me?

August of 2018 was my last post to Sharing God’s Story. Because I’ve been dealing with mental/emotional/spiritual stuff  – kicked off by that hernia-repair catastrophe in November 2017.

It’s taken a while, but I think I’m getting back on track. And so, I had an idea about what I could do.

Kinda start over.

Well, start a new blog, for instance. A blog about taking 11 years of journals and shaping the Blessings and Lessons they contain into something that you, dear reader, might be interested in and could actually benefit from.

I say I’ve been in “recovery” from a lot of hurts, habits, and hangups, and I wrote daily about the wonderful things I was learning. Another way you could describe it is ‘The blessings and lessons of discovering the real me and the purpose I have here.’

So I intend to write a book containing all the gems of wisdom documented in those 18 diaries, and I’m going to blog about the whole process! (A book and a blog about writing the book!)

This is my commitment to you. And I hope you will feel free to hold me accountable to this goal.

Now that I’ve started, I feel great anticipation in moving on to the next step!

What A Tic Tac Taught Me

See the source imageRemember Tic Tacs? Introduced in 1969 and still sold today, the mint is a favorite.

I remember as a kid consuming whole packs of them within a short time. (Nana and Grandpa were shocked.)

Recently, after hearing somewhere that peppermint has a beneficial effect on digestive issues, I reacquainted myself with these “pills,” and now keep them available in the car, at my bedside, and in my dialysis bag.

(Point being, I’ve held a lot of Tic Tac packs in my hands.)

I had never seen an imperfect Tic Tac until I found this:
IMG_0102    IMG_0103   IMG_0034(1)  IMG_0033(1)

(Yes, I saved it.) I was sitting in my dialysis chair when I came across the broken tablet, so I had plenty of time to think upon it.

You probably won’t be surprised that I thought of the parable of the lost sheep – the one and the ninety-nine.

The world’s way is to leave the one. It’s not practical or cost-effective to delay or drop everything for the lost or faulty, especially in today’s throw-away culture.

We’ve all been among the ninety-nine, not wanting to wait to get to wherever we’re going. We could not care less.

Until we are that one. (Yes, I believe every one of us has been there.) And when we’re saved or have consideration given to us, I hope we all will never hold that selfish, compassionless attitude again.