A Life on Faith Support

A Life on Faith Support

Dear Reader,

pexels-photo-695963.jpegIf you’ve been following, you’ll have read about my disastrous hernia repair this past November. Today, six months later, I think I’ve finally reached an understanding about why it’s been so life-threatening.

You see, since that incident, my Faith has been on Life Support.

It’s a combination of things that’s left me like this.

Obviously, there was the excruciating physical pain I experienced, and, now, fear of risking that agony again, even (and especially) by undergoing the elective, “normal life-restoring” kidney transplant.Image result for bible verses god's big picture

Then there’s the absolute irony of “sailing” – so to speak – through several serious surgeries (i.e. open heart, having part of my colon removed) – only to be sunk by a routine, out-patient operation.

small crossMostly, though, it’s been emotional and spiritual stuff.

I’ve had a lot of doubt and anger at God for letting it happen to me, for putting me through it. I’ve lost my trust in Him. Doesn’t He promise not to harm me?

And I’ve been fretting over our financial future. For the past four years, I’ve been on disability. I’ve done some part-time, sit-down rideshare driving, but, otherwise, I haven’t had to work, to labor.
That would change a year after successful transplant when benefits would end.

And what about His plans to prosper? Three years of blogging for a mere two hundred followers? That’s not the fruitful ministry I envisioned for Sharing God’s Story.

I think I’ve found the answer in that last sentence – and it’s something that’s tripped me up many times before.IMG_4207

My Life is supposed to be on Faith Support.

See the source image

Father God,
I’ve been crying out about where You went, where You’ve been. But I took myself off Faith Support.

I’ve wanted to know how You will work this for my good – what are Your plans to prosper and not to harm me? 

But that’s not how You work. My plans and Yours don’t always agree. Neither does Your timing. And which always ends up perfect?

I forgot the lessons You’ve brought me through these past ten years, and the absolute trust I had found at a few precious milestone moments along this crazy journey.

That is the kind of faith I need again: trust instead of fear, in spite of fear.

Help me to let go:

  • of fear,
  • of expectations on how You will work all things,
  • of my plans for how You should work things,
  • of life itself, (O yes, I do know how to do this)
  • of the need to be the one to plan it all out
    (that’s Your department)

Mine is to simply take one step – the next right step, by Your guidance – at a time.
Please shine Your light extra-brightly on what that is for today.
Like You always have.
Help me to see it, to be still, and to look and listen.

Daily Prompt: Foreign

Daily Prompt: Foreign

Saturday, March 24, 2018 – 03:23

Heavenly Father, Thank You for this day of life – so much better than not-life. Thank You for placing me in this Chapter in Your Story. Such amazing things You have enabled! Take this very technology, so much… well, faster-to-publishing than paper and pen, for one thing. (I do still prefer the old “hard copy” way – it’s so much more permanent and “hands-on,” and therefore, “real.” This post, fundamentally just electronic 1’s and 0’s, could vanish in an instant or an inopportune power surge.)

IMG_4205I have to say, digital journaling is not so foreign from cursive and capitals. I can change colors and underline just like on my notebook pages (I have a sizable collection of Pilot G-2’s). Important points can be bolded,

  • and I can
  • even make bulleted lists…

IMG_3353Perhaps best of all, my posts are now fully readable! (Starting posts online has solved the drawback of using pix of my pages as posts).

I really like doing things only once. (That attitude cost me in my Home Studio franchise when I had to find and define customers’ projects and then produce them.)

What’s really foreign to this tail-end-of-the-baby-boomer-generation’s man is today’s fitness craze.

In my 20’s, people my age (of any age!) were not to be found in a gym. Did gyms even exist back then, except for boxers and pro athletes? They surely weren’t so prolific! How many modern chains or “styles” can I name?

  1. Crossfit
  2. Fitness 19
  3. 24-Hour Fitness
  4. Boost
  5. Planet Fitness
  6. Ninja TV shows
  7. Gladiator TV shows
  8. and more…

beer-and-ashtrayBack then, a bar (for sitting in, not for lifting) was a more likely place at which to find people. (Remember “No pain, no pain?”)

Now that could be just my impression or a memory made from non-participation. I’ve never been “into” working out. But there are undeniably more gym businesses than ever before.

 Last night, at B’s Crossfit, was the last weekend of the 2018 Crossfit Open, an internationally-coordinated competition-of-sorts lasting five weeks. B can go online and see where she places among all competitors, or drill down to her gender/age group. (Of course, the same advances in technology that make WordPress possible have also made The Open a reality.)

Bars’ patrons’ physical positioning may be more sedate, but the happiness and noise of the post-workout “fiesta” – beer was available – outmatches drinkers’ moods. Catered BBQ was the featured dish – and not surprisingly, there were vegetarian options, too.

God, You have placed into Your creation such variety of things and activities! Surely, the choice of “something for everyone” is heaven-like? You tell us to take good care of these ‘temples’ in which our souls reside, so exercise must please You. Even I like a good walk!

Today I pray for all these “amateur” athletes, and that they would care as much for their spiritual bodies, getting to know You.

CFCB1314-C64D-4151-A1F0-B705B0A4A3DB-364-000000934707D1C3_These days I don’t stress much about my fitness, maybe I should, but I’d rather just exercise my mind. I’d need the courage to change my habits – and I know You’d grant that in a workout-elevated heartbeat.


…from the D chair- Feb 24’18

…from the D chair- Feb 24’18

Somehow this morning in my journaling I got onto the topic of vigilance- as in the quote “Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.”

A google brought up some interesting background info, including the source as from a speech in 1852:

– Wendell Phillips, to the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society, 2/28/1852.

It seemed relevant to today’s continuing debate about gun control and the 2nd Amendment. For me, it sums up the major reason for the amendment, especially given the nature of the founding of America.

But the sentiment of everlasting watchfulness applies also to our morals, and there are many Bible verses that speak to that issue.

For example:

1 Peter 5:8-10

1 Corinthians 16:13

The two that struck me especially are

“Only give heed to yourself and keep your soul diligently, so that you do not forget the things which your eyes have seen and they do not depart from your heart all the days of your life; but make them known to your sons and your grandsons. – Deuteronomy 4:9

Wake up, and strengthen the things that remain, which were about to die; for I have not found your deeds completed in the sight of My God. – Revelation 3:2

I think it’s the intention of these verses speaking to the individual first, and then to all that is the important thing: a reminder that looking after our own lives is the key.