My Testimony at Celebrate Recovery, Oct 19, 2017

My Testimony at Celebrate Recovery, Oct 19, 2017


I’m a very grateful believer in the God of the Bible, and this is not my story; it is God’s Story in My Life. My name is Marshall.

Although I was raised in the church and even went forward at an altar call when I was a ten or so, I was prodigally lost for most of my life, falling into habits of sexual brokenness, alcohol abuse, and wasting my precious time here on earth.

BUT… in 2008 at 46 years of age, I was saved by the divine intervention of Jesus Christ, who literally took my place during a suicide attempt. Now I live by Psalm 66:16:

“Come and hear, all you who fear God. Let me tell you what he has done for me.”

Ever since that life-saving day nine years ago, I have been attending recovery programs; and Celebrate Recovery since 2010. The Twelve Steps, Eight Principles, and God’s countless blessings have brought me through healing and transformation in so many ways, I would need the whole night to share them all.

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‘Tapping’ into “It’s Not About the Nail;” Everything or Nothing

‘Tapping’ into “It’s Not About the Nail;” Everything or Nothing

It’s Not About the Nail

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A few years ago, this video, “It’s Not About the Nail,” surfaced on YouTube. I find it amusing.

Screenshot 2017-10-13 05.29.37
It depicts a supposed difference between men and women: that women like to (or need to) just talk about problems and issues (like going on about a nail stuck in your forehead), while men just want to “fix” it.

small crossBut this morning, I realized that it summarizes another, non-gender relationship; the one between God (the Creator) and humans (the Created).

(And I also recognize another symbolism in a nail being the physical object.)

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Daily Prompt: Deny – The First of the Twelve Steps

Daily Prompt: Deny – The First of the Twelve Steps

Daily Prompt: Deny – The First of the Twelve Steps

Step 1: We admitted we were powerless over our addictions and compulsive behaviors, that our lives had become unmanageable.

Step One of any Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)-inspired addiction recovery program is all about denial; that is, stepping out of denial.

When it dawns on us that we have a real problem, a big problem, a really big problem, beyond our own ability to solve, we’re poised for Step One.

Actually, this is the starting point for any healing plan of action, from any obsessive, addictive, compulsive, or self-destructive habit.

It is the hardest yet the easiest step.

This is because to get to this point we have lost every remnant of pride and confidence and hope. We’ve reached absolute desperation, rock-bottom, a low below any low we’ve ever hit.

It might be the very first time we’ve ever been completely honest with ourselves.

But the Good News is that there is now only one way to go: up. Because we are ready to ask for and accept help. We are ready to believe that there is someone or some power, greater than ourselves, which- or who – is willing and able to save us.

Have you found yourself here? Are you there right now?

You can get help! Visit the Alcoholics Annonymous or Celebrate Recovery website, or search on “addiction recovery!” (Link is to a search.)hand,man,water,cloud,sky,sunlight