Daily Prompt: Deny – The First of the Twelve Steps

Daily Prompt: Deny – The First of the Twelve Steps

Daily Prompt: Deny – The First of the Twelve Steps

Step 1: We admitted we were powerless over our addictions and compulsive behaviors, that our lives had become unmanageable.

Step One of any Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)-inspired addiction recovery program is all about denial; that is, stepping out of denial.

When it dawns on us that we have a real problem, a big problem, a really big problem, beyond our own ability to solve, we’re poised for Step One.

Actually, this is the starting point for any healing plan of action, from any obsessive, addictive, compulsive, or self-destructive habit.

It is the hardest yet the easiest step.

This is because to get to this point we have lost every remnant of pride and confidence and hope. We’ve reached absolute desperation, rock-bottom, a low below any low we’ve ever hit.

It might be the very first time we’ve ever been completely honest with ourselves.

But the Good News is that there is now only one way to go: up. Because we are ready to ask for and accept help. We are ready to believe that there is someone or some power, greater than ourselves, which- or who – is willing and able to save us.

Have you found yourself here? Are you there right now?

You can get help! Visit the Alcoholics Annonymous or Celebrate Recovery website, or search on “addiction recovery!” (Link is to a bing.com search.)hand,man,water,cloud,sky,sunlight



Daily Prompt: Recreate – That Spare Time Thing

Daily Prompt: Recreate – That Spare Time Thing

Daily Prompt: Recreate – That Spare Time Thing

So, I had an hour before I had to leave. Back in the day, I would’ve spent it watching TV or surfing dirty pictures.

Today, I have a much better use for it. I write.

I can give you two ways to picture this. First, if you’re an “audio” person, the pronunciation (and thereby, meaning) of this Daily Prompt: Recreate

  • “wreck-rE-Ate
  • rE-crE-Ate

grass plant leaf flower young green produce dirt insect soil flora sprout life seedling close up growing new macro photography flowering plant dicotyledon grass family plant stemSecond, what my friend Sal calls “Replacement Therapy,” an idea for overcoming addictions and bad habits by doing something else – something better – with all that time.

The difference should be as clear as the two images in this post: plain old, hard, dead dirt (like what I used to fill my browser with), and fertile soil hosting new life.

I really like that imagery. My new life has sprung and grown out of all the useless stuff that filled my spare time.

What comparisons do you make in describing how you live now?


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Daily Prompt: Recreate – That Spare Time Thing

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