Ninevah – Right On Time

Thursday, March 22, 2018 – 02:41


Heavenly Father, Thank You for this day of life in Your wondrous creation. Thank You for never giving up on me, despite my rebellious, sulking, running-to-Tarshish attitude. Thank You for consistently trying to get through to me, no matter how many times I couldn’t or deliberately wouldn’t “get it.”

I pray today that we’re past all that, that this time I’m really ready to surrender it all to Your will and Your way. Which, it may be, means journaling right into a post on Sharing God’s Story blog, rather than my precious, hand-written journals. (I love handwriting – maybe too much.)

My sacred tradition:

Sharing God's Story
Journal, Bible, and Coffee!

Maybe… maybe that’s the lesson of these past few months. Old habits have crept into my life. I’ve wished for a magical change in me when all along I’ve known that the change You make/give is simply the awareness that change is possible. That I can do life differently.

Because, really, this faith and belief and trust thing is – at its very core – a choice, a decision arrived at every moment of every day of every week of every month of every year… It’s a journey every believer sets out on without knowing the destination.
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10 years after, 3/15/2018

10 years after, 3/15/2018

A something/anything post, from the Dialysis Chair…

On dialysis days my alarm goes off at 04:15 hours. But I don’t often need it.

I’m awake already, journaling, having tossed and turned amidst a few stretches of sleep.

This morning was one of those days. At 03:15, after an intense dream about a fire in a 19-story building (at which my job was to run from floor to floor sounding the alarm and giving the slow-moving residents updates), I gave up and got up.

My thoughts turned to March, 2008. To ten years ago, today.

It was a Saturday, and I was working on a memorial photo-video keepsake. For my mom.

I wasn’t a believer then. I knew little about salvation.

My family was gathered in Florida, my sibs and I each arriving that Tuesday night from MACOFLAZ. We’d been called down because Mom had asked to go to the hospital. She knew.

We saw her late that night, then went home with Dad. Mom went home early the next morning.

I believe she hung on until we – her husband and kids, and her twin sister – until we got there. She was unresponsive, hooked up to every machine available, but somehow she knew.

Seeing her was a shock to me- the zap that set me on this recovery journey. I remember it well.

I’d seen her the previous July, and she’d looked good. But that night, I could barely recognize the thin, blue patient in that hospital bed.

The memorial service was on Monday, St Patrick’s day.

A constant in my life was gone. It was the first of many, which I now write about on Sharing God’s Story.

…to be continued

D Chair 3/9: Consider the Coconut

A something/anything post.

We have our grandson over often, and therefore we see a lot of the movie Moana. The coconut is a star of the film.

“Consider the coconut.” Lyric from Where You Are.

I’ve always wondered about this multidimensional fruit. (Yes, it comes from a tree. That would also explain why I’m not a fan?)

So, is it green-skinned? What about the husk? Things I wonder about.

And the internet is there to answer!

Here is the explanation of this excellent example of God’s amazing, wonderful, varied creation:

Anatomy of coconut fruit. The coconut is a fibrous drupe. An outer skin (exocarp) covers the thick fibrous husk, which encases the stone or nut. … The nut consists of a shell (endocarp), a seed coat or testa (located between the shell and the meat), oil-bearing meat and liquid milk.