When You Highlight and Delete

When You Highlight and Delete

Wednesday, April 4, 2018 – 03:33

Father God, Creator of all things, Thank You for this day – this brand new day of life in Your wondrous creation. Thank You for Your Grace, which wipes my page clean – like I just did in this digital document; highlighting text and pressing ‘delete.’

Now, I remember what was written here, but You see only blank space, full of potential and ready for brand new thoughts. So what I’ve done in the past is gone, and today I can make a fresh start.

pexels-photo-205316.pngLOL, that’s way easier said than done! I dwell too much on not having been able to be perfect on the first attempt.

pexels-photo-45718.jpegBut Thank You for this gift of… imagination? It allows me to picture similies and metaphors and analogies for my life’s events and feelings, and place them here for others to experience, too.

I have hopes that some readers will come to know more about You (and me!) from reading this.

I wish I could know who and how.pexels-photo-972513.jpeg

But isn’t that the thing? My job – our job is to do without any expectation of seeing results. It’s like a player shooting or throwing or kicking the ball (or puck) while falling, and not getting to see where it goes.

Psalm 37 GW
:3 Trust the Lord, and do good things.
Live in the land, and practice being faithful.
:4 Be happy with the Lord,
and He will give you the desires of your heart.
:5 Entrust your ways to the Lord.
Trust Him, and He will act on your behalf.

:18 (CEV) Those who obey the Lord are daily in His care,
and what He has given them will be theirs forever.

copic-marker-pen-blue-65216.jpegThat’s really what life is all about. We’re writing (typing, these days) God’s story in our lives. When we enter some words that aren’t right, He makes it possible to highlight and delete them.

We need to be able to carry on with what is and not get stuck on what was. No matter what it was.

I think a lot of the time there’s confusion between this forgiveness and consequences.pexels-photo-269923.jpeg

Our choices do have an impact on what happens next, but we can tell a different tale going forward.

Imagine: the paper is changed by the act of erasing the pencil marks but we can continue to write on it.

pexels-photo-448835.jpegGod, Your message is simple to understand, really. Every day is a divine do-over. The difficult part is seeing what the next right thing is – and sometimes wanting to see what it is.

Grant me the chance and the desire to perceive what You have planned for today.

In Christ’s life-changing, life-fulfilling name, AMEN

Me, lord, LORD, abdicated

Me, lord, LORD, abdicated

Sunday, April 1, 2018 – 02:43 Easter/April Fools’ Day

small crossCreator God, Thank You for this special day. We stress our remembrance of Jesus’ sacrifice on this day. We are reminded extra that He paid His blood to free us from eternal punishment for all our wrongdoing – past, present, and future.

In that sense, we have been bought and are not our own.

Lord God, because I believe this, I can no longer be the lord of my life. I abdicate my title, absolutely, in favor of You.

I head-know this is a good thing because I have such a hard time doing what I tell myself to do anyway. I need a true master; to tell me what to do, to “force” me to obey.
But I just can’t seem to heart-know it and behave as if. (IOW I don’t walk my talk.)

Yesterday, in my hand-written journal, I considered this problem, this question of who, exactly, is (and should be) the boss of me.

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Be Enough For Me! (Not A ‘Picture’ Prayer)

Friday, March 29, 2018 – 01:31

Father God, our Creator, above and beyond what we are; what we could ever be on our own. You promise that we will join You. Someday. One Glorious Day.

Well, Thank You for this day. Thank You for again waking me to divine potential, for a chance to follow You closely, making the next right choice, and the next right choice, and the next, and the next. (Really, that’s all it takes.)

Father, You, having been like us as a son – The Son – know how hard – how impossibly hard – it is for us to simply stay on the right path. These temptations constantly overwhelm and drag us down.

Maybe it’s the instant gratification we long for; we never want to wait patiently for Your perfect timing. We yearn to feel it now, see it now, taste it now, know it all now, have it all now.

We are so easily fooled that earthly pleasures – “in ways, or at times, or to degrees You never intended” – are that “it.” (Thank you, C. S. Lewis.)

Isn’t “it” what You Are? Aren’t You what we need to be filled? But instead, don’t we want to be You? Independent and in control? Calling the shots? Same as Adam and Eve; we haven’t changed much.

Oh, we surely do have the knowledge of good and evil. We are fully aware of which choice is the one we should make. (How I hate that word, “should!” And I’d be free of it if I could, would just by default make right choice after right choice.)

I’m thankful because You Are Christ and can therefore sincerely care for/about us. You know how hard it is for us.

Psalm 34 GW
:14 Turn away from evil, and do good.
Seek peace, and pursue it!

:19 The righteous person has many troubles,
but the Lord rescues him from all of them.

We call You “Our Father.” Like an earthly father, You’ve been there; You’ve done it all Yourself. And since You know the troubles we face, You Are willing to “rescue us from all of them.”

We will have storms in this life, in this broken world. We have to be constantly alert; You warn us. You teach us.

But being on alert all the time does not come naturally to us, and too often we want a break, a day off. We want to take it easy and just drift along with the current. As if we are still children in our father’s house.

Maybe that’s what this is all about. We have to learn and choose to put away the childish things; to be grown and mature, and to know with all our heart, soul, mind, and flesh, that we are better off taking that next right choice – no matter how tempting or shiny anything else looks.

Father, will I ever be able to do that consistently? Will I be ready to stay in Your house by choice and to put away my desire to be the boss of me? To accept that being Your grown-up child still living (as if) in Your home is the best (and easiest) way to thrive in this world?

I pray for this! God, be enough for me!