Daily Prompt: Unfurl

Daily Prompt: Unfurl

Daily Prompt: Unfurl

Numerous scenes entered my mind immediately upon reading today’s prompt, unfurl. The flavor of all of them can be … ‘heralded’ by a few scenes:

  • Master and Commander: When the Surprise is disguised as a whaler in order to lure the enemy in, and that moment when they unfurl the Union Jack and let loose their barrage
    Image result for creative commons images last samurai battle
  • The Last Samurai: The samurai forces feign a retreat (signaling with colored flags) and the “modern” army pursues them (away from their advantage, the artillery) into an ambush
  • Image result for War of Hastings

    The Battle of Hastings, 1066, one of my favorites eras: history tells that the Normans also used the retreat ploy to get the Anglo-Saxons to break their line

I’m sure you can see in your mind your own special memories of the proud and valiant unfurling of banners or other pendants. What’s special about them is, I think, the anticipation that has been built up around the momentous event.

It’s a declaration of greatest dramatic effect. A proclamation of all-or-nothing commitment.

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