D Chair 3/9: Consider the Coconut

A something/anything post.

We have our grandson over often, and therefore we see a lot of the movie Moana. The coconut is a star of the film.

“Consider the coconut.” Lyric from Where You Are.

I’ve always wondered about this multidimensional fruit. (Yes, it comes from a tree. That would also explain why I’m not a fan?)

So, is it green-skinned? What about the husk? Things I wonder about.

And the internet is there to answer!

Here is the explanation of this excellent example of God’s amazing, wonderful, varied creation:

Anatomy of coconut fruit. The coconut is a fibrous drupe. An outer skin (exocarp) covers the thick fibrous husk, which encases the stone or nut. … The nut consists of a shell (endocarp), a seed coat or testa (located between the shell and the meat), oil-bearing meat and liquid milk.