Daily Prompt: Foreign

Daily Prompt: Foreign

Saturday, March 24, 2018 – 03:23

Heavenly Father, Thank You for this day of life – so much better than not-life. Thank You for placing me in this Chapter in Your Story. Such amazing things You have enabled! Take this very technology, so much… well, faster-to-publishing than paper and pen, for one thing. (I do still prefer the old “hard copy” way – it’s so much more permanent and “hands-on,” and therefore, “real.” This post, fundamentally just electronic 1’s and 0’s, could vanish in an instant or an inopportune power surge.)

IMG_4205I have to say, digital journaling is not so foreign from cursive and capitals. I can change colors and underline just like on my notebook pages (I have a sizable collection of Pilot G-2’s). Important points can be bolded,

  • and I can
  • even make bulleted lists…

IMG_3353Perhaps best of all, my posts are now fully readable! (Starting posts online has solved the drawback of using pix of my pages as posts).

I really like doing things only once. (That attitude cost me in my Home Studio franchise when I had to find and define customers’ projects and then produce them.)

What’s really foreign to this tail-end-of-the-baby-boomer-generation’s man is today’s fitness craze.

In my 20’s, people my age (of any age!) were not to be found in a gym. Did gyms even exist back then, except for boxers and pro athletes? They surely weren’t so prolific! How many modern chains or “styles” can I name?

  1. Crossfit
  2. Fitness 19
  3. 24-Hour Fitness
  4. Boost
  5. Planet Fitness
  6. Ninja TV shows
  7. Gladiator TV shows
  8. and more…

beer-and-ashtrayBack then, a bar (for sitting in, not for lifting) was a more likely place at which to find people. (Remember “No pain, no pain?”)

Now that could be just my impression or a memory made from non-participation. I’ve never been “into” working out. But there are undeniably more gym businesses than ever before.

 Last night, at B’s Crossfit, was the last weekend of the 2018 Crossfit Open, an internationally-coordinated competition-of-sorts lasting five weeks. B can go online and see where she places among all competitors, or drill down to her gender/age group. (Of course, the same advances in technology that make WordPress possible have also made The Open a reality.)

Bars’ patrons’ physical positioning may be more sedate, but the happiness and noise of the post-workout “fiesta” – beer was available – outmatches drinkers’ moods. Catered BBQ was the featured dish – and not surprisingly, there were vegetarian options, too.

God, You have placed into Your creation such variety of things and activities! Surely, the choice of “something for everyone” is heaven-like? You tell us to take good care of these ‘temples’ in which our souls reside, so exercise must please You. Even I like a good walk!

Today I pray for all these “amateur” athletes, and that they would care as much for their spiritual bodies, getting to know You.

CFCB1314-C64D-4151-A1F0-B705B0A4A3DB-364-000000934707D1C3_These days I don’t stress much about my fitness, maybe I should, but I’d rather just exercise my mind. I’d need the courage to change my habits – and I know You’d grant that in a workout-elevated heartbeat.


Daily Prompt: Tend

Daily Prompt: Tend

Daily Prompt: Tend

img_3934Our grandson was with us last evening, and that got me to thinking about and praying for parents everywhere and of every age. Parents have a difficult and important job, raising the “blank slates” of children into good and well-functioning adults.

And the Daily Prompt, “tend,” and its many uses fits well into a post about parents.


I tend to be into getting into the origin of our words. These days, tend, tender, attend are some of our most prevalent terms. But, they have varying definitions.

The common denominator seems to be focused around stretching, or being stretched. The shared root word is from Latin, tendere, “stretch, hold forth (as in holding something out to someone).”

There are half a dozen established uses of “tend-words.”

  • Tend/Attend, verb, regularly or frequently behave in a particular way or being present at (something or somewhere)
  • Tend/Attend, verb, to care for or look after, give one’s attention to
    (Note: “attention’s” origin is also tendere)
  • Tender, adj, showing gentleness and concern or sympathy
    Tender, adj, being soft, sensitive, vulnerable, or requiring gentleness and careful handling  (This one is from Latin, tenere, but it also has to do with “stretch”
  • Tender, verb/noun, to make a formal offer or the offer itself
  • Tender, noun, someone or something who/which attends to someone or something

The “stretching out” idea is, I think, easy to see. If you tender a payment, for example, you’re offering cash in your hand, which you’re holding out to the payee.

IMG_3188“Caring for” is similar in that one is stretching out toward or paying attention to someone or something. Someone who does the caring is the noun of this version.

Regular attendance comes from the idea of such regularity being akin to “holding a course,” like in sailing.

There’s also the effect of something that’s being stretched out – it can be “stretched thin.” This gives us the adjective of weak, soft, vulnerable, and/or delicate, therefore needing to be treated gently, and the giving of such gentle care.

So, to sum it all up in one sentence, tell me if this is stretching it too far:

Parents, aka baby tenders, tend to tender tender tending to their tender young ones’ tender bumps and bruises.



Daily Prompt: Cavity

Daily Prompt: Cavity

This is big praise for someone special, my daughter Kilian. She’s in the midst of an incredible “project” to make a better smile.


How do you feel about dentists and dental work?

Kili has had two dates with the oral surgeon to remove seven(?) teeth. (Five at the end of last year.) Yesterday she had dental work on all her upper teeth, and next up will be all her bottom teeth.

(She was a thumb-sucker and a non-teeth-brusher.) But now, she’s bravely facing her biggest fear to fix herself up in three phases with Northeast Oral Surgeons and Creative Dental Solutions up in Bangor, Maine.

And she’s doing this while a full-time student at U Maine Orono.

I am so proud of her! Way to adult, Kili!