Daily Prompt: Crescendo

Daily Prompt: Crescendo

Daily Prompt: Crescendo

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Well, here we are, on the Monday of the Opening Weekend of NFL 2017! Yesterday’s slate of games was the crescendo of the off-season, the long wait for the team’s next shot at a title.

man,people,crowd,audience,youth,cheeringIt can be a great time of year. Everyone is 0-0. Everyone has a chance. Anticipation is running wild! (Yes, I know that was the prompt two days ago. I’m repurposing. 🙂 )

It can seem like Autumn is better suited as the beginning of the year. School is starting. Vacations are done and it’s time to get back to work.


It’s coming!

But sometimes, September brings the blues because I know what’s coming soon: winter.


Summer is ending, and the cold and snow are on the way. The days will be shorter, far too short. Inside will be captivating.

So, it’s now that I make an extra effort to get outside and enjoy the last few warm-weather days.


in Orono, Maine


How do you prepare for the coming change of seasons?

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Daily Prompt: Anticipate (the long wait)

Daily Prompt: Anticipate (the long wait)

Daily Prompt: Anticipate (the long wait)

Here we go with the food again. Very shortly after reading today’s prompt, into my head jumped Carly Simon’s voice singing a long-ago (1977) commercial for ketchup (or catsup).

“Anticipation – is making me wait…”

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