Adventures in Downsizing – Life Resuming

Our old, empty house

There’s nothing like photos of a vacant house. If the building is new to you, the rooms are full of potential. If you take the pictures just before moving, they’re full of the ghosts of memories: you can still see your furniture in its old layout but at the same time see, sadly, the unoccupied space.


In the case of our old home, these just-before-handing-over-the-keys snapshots were the first time we’d seen it empty.  Continue reading “Adventures in Downsizing – Life Resuming”

Adventures in Downsizing – We’re Here!!

Just a quick post to let you all know we have made it to the new place! There’s a little more unpacking to do (like to find the box my laptop is in) and then I’ll be back to posting on a regular schedule.

It’s been an incredible 3 months since deciding to make the move, and we’re both exhausted- especially after the packing and loading to make the deadline and now the unloading.

I want to thank everyone who helped out, everyone who sent their prayers during the health crisis, and all of you who have patiently read along.

See you again soon!

Adventures in Downsizing – The Part Like Christmas

Adventures in Downsizing – The Part Like Christmas
Natick, where I grew up…

Let’s talk about gifts. Presents. Boxes wrapped up in shiny paper.

Really big boxes.

As a kid, it was at Christmas-time and birthdays when these mysteries-left-in-plain-sight would appear. I knew they were there, but I’d have to wwwaaaiiittt so long to know what they contained! And sitting here tonight, so full of anticipation for today’s potential-home viewings, I’m reminded of them.

Moving is like that. Anticipation of something really life-changing. (Maybe like A Christmas Story‘s Red Ryder air rifle?) Anticipation that could keep you up all night. (Note: It’s 2am.) Continue reading “Adventures in Downsizing – The Part Like Christmas”