Doesn’t Everyone Make a SuperBowl Post?

Doesn’t Everyone Make a SuperBowl Post?

(My “post-a-day” commitment isn’t going so well… but-)

I’m thinking of the song Feels Like the First Time by Foreigner. It’s a classic oldie, and, for some reason, I remember exactly the first time I heard it.

I know why I’m hearing it today, and it is why I, a life-long Patriots fan, am just fine with the results of Sunday’s Super Bowl LII. My team came up on the short side of a 33-41 score.img_2813

What a game it was! There was virtually no defense. The teams combined to set an offensive production record – not just for the Super Bowl, but for all NFL playoff history.

If you don’t follow American football, the Patriots were trying for their sixth league championship (all within the last 17 years). Five titles are just fine with me.

Players might say their favorite victory is “the next one,” but, for me, it was the first one, in 2001. We had been the dogs of the league for the forty years of the franchise’s existence, with two notable exceptions: an at-the-time record blowout by the Bears in ’85, and a real let-down against the Packers ten years later.


an eagle…

The thing is it was the Eagles’ first title in the Super Bowl era so I can relate. For passionate sporting fans, the first ultimate successful season is right up there with the other big firsts in life:


  • the first  time I told my wife I loved her
  • that “what’ve we done” feeling after signing our first mortgage
  • the first time I saw my children and grandchild
  • my first mountain-top faith experience

That last one is really why I’m not too disappointed. For some things, the first time will always be the most important and memorable one. The one always to be celebrated.

cr logoThat event marked the turning point in my life. Before and after. My life since then has been blessed and filled with an abundance that feels something like winning another four season-ending victories.

And success is best shared.