I know I need to DARE

I know I need to DARE

Wednesday, March 28, 2018 – 04:16

Father God, Thank You for this day of life in Your constantly amazing creation. Thank You for this week’s 50+-degree temps here in New England, a hopeful sign that warmer weather will indeed come (eventually) this year. This winter seems to have been colder later than usual.

0a822e1e-36ec-48d9-9e1a-c8abdc58d068-421-00000051d99b40d1_filePost-dialysis yesterday was rough; I slept an extra hour and went to bed early but I did record the Bruins’ game to watch this evening. (So don’t tell me who won!) Again, I have to Thank You for what science and technology have developed by learning about the laws governing Your world. From machines that can clean our blood (by osmosis, BION!) to those that can show us what’s happening this very moment thousands of miles away, who can imagine what will come next?

Father, today I pray for my appointment with the Transplant Clinic’s psychiatrist. May I reach reassurance and courage to someday face another surgical procedure, knowing now from personal experience that bad things can happen. You know how I finally ran out of luck with hospitals this past November.

operation(By my count, I’ve had eight stays of 10+ days since mid-2014, plus countless overnight observations and ER visits.) Continue reading “I know I need to DARE”