An Unexepectedly-Long Long Weekend…

Hi All

Just wanted to make quick post to cover my absence since Nov 4.

What was planned was a hernia repair on Friday- usually an outpatient procedure. I’m on blood-thinners, so I was to be admitted during the post-op while the INR number rose again. I was thinking Monday I’d be home.

That’s not how it happened. Everything seemed well-enough by Sunday and Coumadin was restarted.

But then there was an increase of abdominal pain and sensitivity.

Monday evening, in agony, I tried to use the commode and either passed out or had some kind of a seizure. I came to surrender by dozens of medical peoples.

I landed in the Surgery ICU. Through the whole week the pain became excruciating I had one of those “you push it” pain buttons. And I used it!

Turns out what had happened was an ooze or slow leak from the surgery location, which increased when the blood thinners were restarted, filled my abdomen with fluid (blood) which had nowhere to go.

My leg swelled. Certain areas took on unrecognizable shape. Belly rock hard.

Bladder and intestine were compressed and I couldn’t “go”. I had no appetite, no thirst. Only the pain.

And this was something that could get better with time.

Like a bruise, blood fills the area. There’s pain and swelling. Colors from purple to yellow. The body has to reabsorb the fluid, in its own time.

Saturday at 3:30am swelling began to reduce and I could pee. Things are returning to normal.

I’m hoping to get out of the ICU Monday.

I’ll post more later, as this journey had a spiritual side, as well.