Adventures in Downsizing – The Part Like Christmas

Adventures in Downsizing – The Part Like Christmas
Natick, where I grew up…

Let’s talk about gifts. Presents. Boxes wrapped up in shiny paper.

Really big boxes.

As a kid, it was at Christmas-time and birthdays when these mysteries-left-in-plain-sight would appear. I knew they were there, but I’d have to wwwaaaiiittt so long to know what they contained! And sitting here tonight, so full of anticipation for today’s potential-home viewings, I’m reminded of them.

Moving is like that. Anticipation of something really life-changing. (Maybe like A Christmas Story‘s Red Ryder air rifle?) Anticipation that could keep you up all night. (Note: It’s 2am.) Continue reading “Adventures in Downsizing – The Part Like Christmas”