…The Truth of You

Heavenly Father, Creator of all things in heaven and on earth, Master Designer with a plan to save us, Your free-will-broken creations. You knew we would need saving, just as we parents know our children will need us while growing up. Whatever we believe, O Lord God, must make sense of everything, and science (that is, “science only”) does not explain the Spiritual, the Divine, the Just-in-Time-Exactly-When-Needed-Most, the miraculous moments we all have seen and experienced (though many choose to deny or be blind to). Father, I have believed in a world without You, but You changed my mind and my heart by letting me see and experience You personally. Not all can even say that. So, daily I will continue to meet You here, renewing my mind with The Truth of You. Amen.

A Prayer of Readiness

Heavenly Father, Perfect Creator, You determined and set in motion Nature’s laws, but You transcend them. You define science; science can not define You. We very finite beings either deny this Truth, or we grow to gratefully accept You and whatever You give us, and we come to praise You in all Your Being. In learning this lesson, we become able to put aside the greatest of fears – that of the unknown, of thoughts of the worst that could happen in anything we attempt, and we simply begin to trust You. We trust that You are in charge of all outcomes, even that final one, which, at long last (or maybe sooner), will return us to You. This returning is the ultimate unknown, and so it is our biggest fear. Sadly, in our apprehension of “what happens when”, we over-focus on staying safe, and seek only to avoid and postpone this inevitable event. We try to be “ready”, thinking we can keep death in the far future by preparing and hoarding worldly goods in constantly shrinking barns. We push away – not always politely – any person, place, thing, or calling which might expose us – by what it asks of us – to this mysterious, shrouded, possibly painful end. Instead, should we not anticipate? Death is just an ending to this phase of existence, this time of practice for the next part of life. Once gone from this earthly classroom, we will either live on, literally with You, our Maker, as promised, or we will live on only in the dreamy (or nightmarish) memories of the people still waiting. Either way, our status with them will be based solely upon their direct experience of us, which reflects You, rejects You, or leaves them uniformed as to our true character and motives. Only one of those sounds pleasing.

So I will not, do not fear my passing. At times, I wonder about it, often with impatience, for I believe I have seen much, if not all, of what this version of reality has to offer. But I turn back, because I know there is always more “home work” I can do, studying Your gift of peace, joy, love, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control, and I do my best to pass each test as I encounter it. You give many opportunities for me to change my grade. Father, hear my prayer, that improvement is the lesson.

I’m bbbaaaccckkk!!!

I haven’t been able to go number 2 – the actual writing of the posts, of getting from journal to blog. I love pen and paper, typing a little less.

So, just to get back into this good habit, here’s a little of today’s entry and morning prayer.

Hebrews 12:24 …You have come to the sprinkled blood that tells us better things than the blood of Abel.

And from Utmost (Oswald Chambers):
Hebrews 13:5 He Himself has said, “I will never leave you or forsake you.”
“What line of thinking do my thoughts take? Do I turn to what God says or to my own fears? Am I simply repeating what He says or am I truly learning to hear Him and then respond…
“Sometimes it is not the difficulty of life but the drudgery of it that makes me think God will forsake me. When there is no major difficulty to overcome, no vision from God, nothing wonderful or beautiful, just the everyday activities of life – do I hear God’s assurance even in these?
“We have the idea (me: and the expectation) that God is going to do some exceptional thing – that he is preparing and and equipping us for some extraordinary work in the future. (and I can easily take pride in this) But as we grow in His grace, we find that God is glorifying himself here and now, at this very moment (in/through whatever we do). If we have God’s assurance behind us, we (persevere, endure) and learn to sing (literally and figuratively), glorifying Him even in the ordinary days and ways of life.”

Heavenly Father, Creator God of all in heaven and earth. How Majestic and awesome you are! I am still and knowing – knowing how little I really know of your greatness, your Indescribability. And I am filled with awe and thankfulness over the things you promise us. I dare to love you because you love us. And you promise to bring us to you in a better place and age, by the sprinkled blood that does better things than the spilt blood of all murdered, all senselessly, tragically killed.

What Great News this is!

Lord, hear my prayer for your blessing and intervention – your simply making yourself known to all – for bringing

comfort where there must be loss,
healing where there is sickness,
endurance where there is much to do,
charity where there is great need,
and knowledge and awareness of you where there is hate and hopelessness.
Father, bring love where there is anger,
inspiration where there is dull existence,
security where there is fear,
and thankfulness for the beauty we can see if only we look for it.

Lord, let me sing, everyday, in every way – especially in the ordinary days and ways of life.
In Jesus’ life-saving and life-changing name…
In every joyous moment of this day you have made…