Adventures in Downsizing – Day 8 – The Long Weekend

It’s Wednesday, and the long weekend is almost over. I should say, our long weekend’s project is almost done.

IMG_3988.JPGOur goal was to complete stripping the wallpaper out of two rooms. We have a little less than three-quarters of a room to go.

Have you ever stripped wallpaper before? This was my first time.

Initially, it seemed fun, tearing off large sheets of the top layer was like peeling a sunburn. Who doesn’t enjoy that?

But then came the less enjoyable part, the wetting, and scraping of the bottom layer. It’s messy and time-consuming.

It’s one of those “one time DIY is enough” things. Why anyone would choose to wallpaper is a mystery to me. Continue reading “Adventures in Downsizing – Day 8 – The Long Weekend”