Once Upon A Morning, Clearly

Heavenly Father, Divine Provider, You are Holy! How you have blessed me! Let me count the ways:

morningThis fine morning, Lord,
I woke and breathed, deeply.
I opened my eyes and squinted up,
sighting, blearily, the roof over my head
from the soft comfort of my bed.

running-waterI sat up and stretched, mightily.
I stood up, carefully.
I staggered, confidently,
a few feet to another room
where I could relieve myself
and wash up to the sound of running water,
drying with big fluffy towels.

I dressed in clothing clean
and warm
from the downstairs washer – dryer,
appropriate, of course, for the season.


breakfastGod, still in this single, practically-sized domicile,
I sauntered to the kitchen room,
and prepared, on the gas-fed stove,
breakfast foods fresh from the fridge,
our favorites (myself, my wife, and our children).
Poochie and the quartet of kitties got theirs, too.

I whistled while I worked,
checking the scores,
the headlines,
and some verses-o’-the-day
(not in that order)
on my smart-phone.
Oh, and I blogged, simply.

Ready now to worship,
I exited this one-family building
and entered the late-model-year car
(still not paid off, but in this old house’s driveway),
songs of praysing  playing.

coffee-with-friendsBlessed Redeemer, a trio of You, me,
and one of many salvation-siblings
over coffee
met for friendly words of encouragement
with each other.

img_2776(On other days, I go
to the modern medical miracle
of life-sustaining dialysis.
A hundred years ago,
I am not here.)

My Lord, Your Word reminds and renews me,
to be thankful
every day You have made.