Daily Prompt: Foggy

Daily Prompt: Foggy

Daily Prompt: Foggy

Once upon a time, I sent a postcard to the English band XTC (only a Wiki site, couldn’t find an official page). You might not have ever heard of them. They were 80’s Alternative Rock group, part of the British New Wave. They are the best I have ever heard at matching music production and style with the subject of the lyrics of the song (which I think is pretty cool).

Here are some examples:

And many, many more!

…playing in a variety of styles that ranged from angular guitar riffs to elaborately arranged pop. The band failed to maintain popular success in the UK and US, partly because they did not fit into contemporary trends. They nevertheless earned a devoted cult following.
– the Wiki page

Anyway, the postcard. These were my days of getting high regularly and then trying to write and record my own songs, which I hoped were like theirs, even a tiny bit. But…

So I came across this postcard, “Fogbound,” of a foggy harbor with boats barely visible. It struck me as a good representation of where I was in life (although, smoke-bound might have been the more accurate picture). One of their records had contact info (do bands still do that, these days?)

As for what I wrote, “I can think of nothing to improve your music.”

Obviously, this is a fond memory I will keep forever. Much of my life’s most important moments have specific musical associations. (Hmmm, this gives me a new angle to blog about…)